Celebrate National Daiquiri Day with 31Dover!

When I invited my friend Ryan over to make a couple cocktails to celebrate National Daiquiri Day (on the 19th July), we both didn’t expect it to turn into a family gathering but everyone wanted to join in! 31Dover sent us an amazing set, including this Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mixer which was in this awesome cocktail shaker. We used this throughout the night as we don’t have a proper measuring glass, and this is essential when you don’t want to poison your family. We also received the  Smatt’s Silver RumRyan and I started with this for our Daiquiris and we absolutely loved it, it’s such a lovely rum. It isn’t too heavy but it still packs a punch. We didn’t realise it was a £42 bottle, so indulgent! No wonder we loved it.

We also had some Popaball Strawberry Bubbles to add to drinks for a bit of extra fun, and some awesome Mason Mugs to serve everything in. We already had a set of 6 waiting on our kitchen side so this was the perfect time to get them out too. Especially as my mum and dad (who didn’t want cocktails) joined in, and my brother and his girlfriend (who left to go to her house for the weekend) came back after seeing the photos! Alfie tried to join in but as he was working early the next day he had to retire rather early.

Ryan and I started by making the Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri mix in the cocktail shaker, you simply need to add rum and ice, shake it, and serve it! We added fresh strawberries to jazz it up a little and some Popaballs. This was by far one of our favourites. After we tried a similar recipe that Ryan found online but it turned out to be just fresh strawberries, rum, and ice. It was actually really nice and then we started to experiment more.

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We ended up with Blue Lagoons, WooWoos, Sex on the Beach, and some unidentifiable concoctions.

31Dover over drinking bundles, exclusive offers, fast delivery to your doorstep, wines, liqueurs, champagne, spirits, beers, and so much more. Their selection online is incredible!

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