National Cucumber Day with Hendrick’s Gin!

I love a funny campaign and this is honestly one of my favourites! I’m such a cat person but this did seriously make me cackle. OK – so what am I going on about?
Hendrick’s Gin are celebrating World Cucumber Day on the 14th June. After all the craziness of cats being petrified of cucumbers, Hendricks has decided that they’re going to be the ones to save the World and restore peace between cats and cucumbers.

Please watch this hilarious video to understand more.

Hendrick’s Gin! Hendrick’s Gin!

It turns out that a whopping amount of cats have a massive fear of cucumbers, over a third to be exact. Hendricks have got world renowned animal behaviourist, Dr Roger Mugford, to come up with a cucumber exposure programme that will help your feline companions to deal with this struggle.

The tips can be found on the above card.

“The cucumber is at the core of our gin, which is oddly infused with cucumber itself, the gin that is, not the cucumber – a cucumber is wholly made of cucumber”, says David Piper,Hendrick’s Global Brand Ambassador. “Cats have an illogical fear of cucumbers – so as inventors of the cucumber garnish, we have to act responsibly and ensure cats feel at ease as we enjoy our Hendrick’s libations garnished, of course, with a cucumber, on World Cucumber Day. Did I mention the importance of cucumbers?”

Dr. Mugford says: “Cats are indeed vulnerable at this time of year. It is a real and scientific phenomenon that they are a tad on the timorous side when it comes to cucumbers. I estimate that approximately a third* of cats worldwide are scared of the glorious fruit, and even more in busy cities, as they’re not used to such curious country objects.”

Hendrick’s Global Brand Ambassador, Duncan McRae, has created the perfect cocktail for this day, The Catnip & Cucumber Cooler.

Catnip & Cucumber Cooler
50ml Hendrick’s Gin
20ml Fresh lemon juice
10ml Elderflower cordial
8-12 Leaves of catnip
20ml Cloudy apple juice
50ml Fresh cucumber juice
70ml Soda water

I’ve never tried Hendricks Gin before but I decided that a late night working session at 3am was the perfect chance and I was right. Such a funny and imaginative campaign, and my cat loves her new toys too!

This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated. For more details, read my disclaimer here. *All a joke, no research was done for this at all*


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