Nanshy Makeup Brushes

When new shiny things arrive at your door, it’s hard not to use them every single waking moment. With Nanshy brushes, it’s actually impossible. I wanted to hold off posting my review, just in case the novelty wore off and I return to my usual brushes, but now I find myself wondering what I actually used before these, and if I actually own any other brushes. For nearly three weeks now I’ve done nothing but reach for these brushes, I take them out with me, I panic if I can’t find one. I really have become a little attached, and possibly obsessed with them.
Nanshy Makeup Brushes

I had seen Nanshy brushes on a couple of blogs before and completely fell in love with how they looked and sounded, so I obviously didn’t hesitate when they kindly offered to send me some to review. I honestly cannot rave enough about them. They look professional and have an incredible elegant design. The brushes have different thicknesses depending on what they’re used for which means handling is made even easier and it allows you to be really precise. It even makes blending a simple and enjoyable task as the luxury high quality brushes are really thick and soft meaning all the product is evenly spread.

One of my absolute favourites is now the Nanshy Round Buffer Brush for only £9.95. Usually I would use the Real Technique brushes, however, I didn’t feel like my makeup was being buffed in enough. With Nanshy I don’t have to worry about streaky lines or any unblended areas. The Nanshy Flat Angled Buffer Brush (also £9.95) was a little more difficult, but I found this perfect for blending in make up around your neck. There’s nothing worse than when you have a noticeable line, so with the shape it means foundation is virtually undetectable. At under £10 each they’re a complete steal but they even come in sets where you can get 4 for £29.95 or 5 for £34.95, unbelievable prices for such high quality brushes.

Nanshy Makeup Brushes

The eye brushes are also rather heavenly and all priced at £5.95, I was sent the Tapered Crease Brush, Flat Definer Brush, Eye Crease Brush and my favourite brush ever, the Angled Detailer Brush. All of these brushes are amazing to create any look and have definitely become my go to brushes. The Angled Detailer brush is utter perfection. I’ve got through so many brushes for my eyebrows now that I have lost count, some would be good for powder but not for a cream and vice versa. Some would even be amazing until it came to washing them. This brush simply does it all, powder, liquid, cream, and it washes like a dream. In fact, they old do. Despite being ever so thick, and me using them to the point of there being too much product on them, they all wash beautifully and look brand new afterwards.

Nanshy Makeup Brushes don't test on animals

I know I’ve waffled on a little bit but when you find affordable brushes that look and feel better than all of the ones you’ve ever tried before, that’s something to shout about. Seen as Nanshy brushes are out of this world, of course they’re Cruelty free and PETA approved as well as all the other praising qualities of a brand. I’ve only tried a few brushes but it’s left me wanting them all! It’s unreal how right they’ve actually got everything. They’re available from Beauty Store 4 U, which is where I’ve based all the prices on, however, they are available at Amazon as well!