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Nail HQ

The thought of having beautiful natural nails has always been a desire of mine, but I’ve learnt very early on that it’s not going to be a reality. I’m not a nail biter, but occasionally when they get too long I’ll just rip them off and then instantly regret it. Whilst working at Lush it was impossible to have nice hands or nails, we were constantly in and out of water with different concoctions in it, often causing us to end up with dry hands, frail nails and no consideration at all towards acrylic nails. Now I am a free woman and working for a great boss (myself), I do whatever and having my nails done now come under my appearance for my job, and I basically just really like them. However, having your nails done time and time again isn’t good for them and I often get told off by nail guru Lucy Earnshaw for my choice in salons, but I need quick, fast and convenient, there’s nothing worse than having a woman come to your house for 5 hours.

The Nail HQ collection is exactly what I need in my life to strengthen my nails in-between of having them redone and if you’re a natural nail person, these are perfect for you. The Hardener is a mix of minerals and collagen and it’s a treatment to help thin and weakened nails by helping to reinforce them and make them more bend resistant. It prevents breakages, splitting and therefore helps promote growth by including other ingredients such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Aluminium and Manganese.

Protect & Repair also contains collagen but this time with root ginger, rice protein and soy protein to help soft nails, as well as water to hydrate and maintain nail flexibility. It’s one of those treatments that you apply once a day on top of each other and then after 5 days you remove it gently and start again. My mum used to use a lot of these treatments when she had natural nails and she swears by them!

Finally, the Top Coat is a fast drying, sealing and protecting varnish which leaves a super glossy finish with it’s optical brighteners. This is one of my favourite top coats and I wear it on my top of my acrylics too.

Prices range from £4.99 to £5.99 from Nail HQ.



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