My Worst Beauty Counter Makeovers

Maybe I’m just an extremely picky and awkward person with makeovers, or maybe I have bad luck, regardless I never ever have walked away from a makeover truly happy.
I’m only 20 and I’ve been wearing makeup from around 11? Don’t worry, back then it was only a little mascara. That probably means that my views on other people doing my makeup shouldn’t be completed negative just yet, however they definitely are. I cannot stand having my makeup done by anyone.
I can still remember buying my first lot of makeup products. It was from Biotherm, whose makeup collection has been discontinued, I now believe. Which already I bet you’re all thinking how promising the makeup sounds. I don’t remember the exact details but I do remember sitting in one of those ridiculously unbalanced and definitely not made for fat people, beauty stools. We told the lady it was my first makeup collection and the first time I would have had my makeup done, so you’re probably all thinking how she must have done the ‘no makeup look’, oh – how wrong you are. This woman proceeded to put green and pink on my eyes. I’m not going to go into how wrong that is, I’m not. It pretty much went downhill from there, Mum and I both wondered what on earth was wrong with her.
Beauty Counter Makeovers
The second memory of having my makeup done was actually by MAC, only a colour match though. High end beauty counters always put makeup on with brushes, but at the time, flat foundation brushes were used instead of buffing foundation on like many do now. This meant that in MAC’s brightly lighted mirror I looked fantastic, then whilst walking around I could actually see brush strokes on my face. Not attractive.
During my Benefit interview we had the task of putting makeup on top of each other’s already made up faces. It was actually terrifying. No other way to describe it, I’m not going to sugar coat it. SHE TOOK MY EYEBROW OFF. So I was walking around a department store trying to convince people to let me do their makeup, when it looks like I can’t even do my own. Patchy, disgusting, just horrific.
Beauty Counter Makeovers
Now for the latest makeover catastrophe it helps if you’ve seen my Illamasqua experience post, you’ll see that my friend Cat had a £30 makeover (redeemable in products) and she looked gorgeous. Obviously after seeing for myself what the products could do, I decided that I also needed to invest.
I also decided that I wasn’t going to baby talk a professional makeup artist into what I liked my makeup like or what suited me. The lady could see my face and eye shape and obviously saw how I normally had it as she was taking my makeup off.
Beauty Counter Makeovers
I was absolutely distraught. My eyeliner was really heavy in the inner corner making my eyes look round and piggish like (the photo is after I asked her to change it several times and then got a different artist.) My foundation had black dots all on it and my eyelashes were so clumpy that I could physically count them. They felt like they had been glued. Now if you’ve seen ANY photo of me before it’s not hard to see how long and how many eyelashes I have, certainly not 8 short, stubby ones.
The lady also drew my eyebrows on about a millimetre thick and with an arch that could poke someone’s eye out. The eyebrows on my photo were actually drawn on by me using their products, I didn’t have time to do them properly as I already felt like an awkward customer. (The eye cake/eye brow pencil is amazing to use though.)
I asked for Rich liquid to be used, which after having it applied and then trying myself at home, I’ve realised that it is terrible for me. It’s far too drying and brought out practically every imperfection I have. I’ve later been told that it is for makeup artists that aren’t afraid to blend, but as a self taught MUA the only thing I would blend that with would be a complete new mixture.
My eyes in the picture were changed (fixed) by Benefit actually. I found a lovely girl that I had met at the Benefit interview and she really helped me out and made me feel much better! Beforehand the eyeshadow didn’t even meet the eyeliner, even after I asked it to be retouched. At the end I felt really pressured into buying the foundation as I had been, lets face it, an awkward customer. The products are fantastic at Illamasqua, it’s just the makeovers should really be thought about a little more according to the people and what they would suit.
Since then I have taken the foundation back and they kindly swapped it for the skin base, still a little drying but much better. I also received a sample of their hydra veil primer, unfortunately when I came to use it the sample was empty? A little annoying after having such a bad experience. I feel like I should have said more on the day because if I was going out after that, I would have gone and taken all my makeup off because it was truly that bad. The lady who did it was gorgeous looking, with a lovely personality and I feel quite bad for complaining about it, but the makeover just wasn’t me at all.
Have you had any good or bad makeover experiences?
  • I know how you feel especially with the first make-up situation I asked for a tinted moisturiser and whatever she gave me made me look like I had come fresh from oompa loompa land! no exaggeration, it was a horrible experience because you feel so aware of yourself!

    • sometimes they just don't understand! Exactly yeah, if I had actually wanted to go out after that I would have had to take it off and redo it myself!

  • I wish they would change the lighting in make up stores. It's awful… I went in one day to BT2 and got a make under by BareMinerals (just foundation) … looked great. In the shop. I came out of the shop and looked like I had spent a week in the Bahamas…. and not in a good way! Thankfully they've improved 🙂

    Annoys me when I see someone with PERFECT make up… then when they are applying it to a customer they are only short of a trowel and using their left foot!


    • hahaha yeah that's what I hate! It's like I asked them to make me look like them not shrek! xx

  • I've always been too afraid to ask anyone for a makeover at any of the counters, I guess I haven't missed out much because it seems that people tend to apply everything and make others look clownish.

    Sad to hear that you've had so much trouble with it 🙁

    • I guess if you get someone who's good it's different, if you read my 'Illamasqua experience' post, Zoe on the counter was fantastic, I even follow her on IG now! xx

  • i dont think your being picky, i hate make overs to xx

    • I felt awkward but at the same time I wish I corrected more. xx

  • I love the face of fury in the Benefit picture! I've had two makeovers by artists – one was awful, the other was okay but my Mumma kindly told me that she preferred how I do my face. Not sure if it was a compliment or not! lol

    • My mum said I'm very 'unique' in how I do my makeup, I wouldn't say that, I'd just say I know how to apply it! xx

  • I went to an Illamasqua counter a few weeks ago, and my sister was matched to foundation and she came out looking great. I also had my eye makeup done and tried out a lipstick which I loved. I guess it depends which counter you go to and it's down to the individual MUA rather than the brand as a whole.

    I've never tried their foundations, but I was hoping to this weekend.


    Tinkerbell and the Lost Girls

    • I love their products, nothing will change that. Just so disappointed with my makeover :(xx

  • nice blog post! Loving your blog template!


    XOX, c

  • Oh blimey! It baffles me how someone can honestly think their work is good when, well, erm…
    I love this post showing your different experiences, it’s really interesting to see what they do! I’ve never had my make-up done by anyone else and I still haven’t been persuaded to, haha! 🙂