My Top 10 Lush Products.

Whilst working at Lush for 2 years I was often asked whether it be by friends or customers, what my favourite Lush product was. I would always change my mind because I don’t have one, I had and still have several favourites. During my two years there, I made my way around all the products a couple times, and continued to buy/hoard my favourites. Frequently, I’ll change the things that I buy to give others yet another chance, but I thought I would do my Top 10 Lush picks. Products that I couldn’t go a day without, that always had to go in my cupboard and even some that I still buy to this day. However, these are in no particular order, well, maybe the first one.
  1. Ultrabland Facial Cleanser.
    If you have used this before then it needs no explanation, but if you haven’t then you really should head to your nearest Lush immediately. It’s the product that everyone loves and needs in their life. It can be just a normal luxurious cleanser, or the best makeup remover you’ll ever use. I’ve already done a step by step guide on how to use Lush’s Ultrabland, but seriously, everyone needs to try it.
    lush's ultrabland

  2. Mask of Magnanimity Face mask.
    You know how everyone used to go on about putting toothpaste on spots? That’s because mint is actually really good for cooling any blemishes and refreshing the skin, however, the other ingredients in toothpaste are not. Another one that I’ve already raved about, Mask of Magnanimity is probably my favourite face mask of all time. The main ingredient inside is called Bentonite Gel which is really firming so it’s brilliant to use on your arms, boobs, or even your bum!
    lush's mask of magnanimity
  3. H’sua Wen Hua Hair treatment.
    People must get fed up of me raving on about this hair mask, but without it I would probably have no hair. It means ‘God of Hair’ and is full of ingredients to strengthen and protect your hair from everyday damage. It’s yet another one with a separate review and it’s the product that I showed to nearly everyone who came into the store. It’s simply amazing but yet I still can’t pronounce ‘H’sua Wen Hua‘ properly.
    h'sua wen hua
  4. New Shampoo Bar.
    Who doesn’t want long hair? Except people who do want short hair, obviously. But for the rest of us, keeping our locks long is a constant struggle. With tonnes of expensive products on the market, who are we meant to believe? Lush’s New bar, one that I haven’t wrote about before, is a cinnamon shampoo bar which lathers up when rubbed against wet hair. The cinnamon inside stimulates hair follicles to grow faster. It’s a fraction of the prices of any other hair lengthening treatment and something that I continue to use, hoping one day for my hair to be even longer.
    new shampoo bar
  5. Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter.
    I would definitely class myself as an exfoliator expert. I’ve had pretty much every brand now and only go back for more on a couple, this is one. Instead of liquidising like in a tub, Aqua Mirabilis keeps on going, giving you a really harsh scrub. Perfect before tanning, or just after long days. Be warned though, sometimes I buy this knowing I’ll only get one use out of it as I really want to exfoliate everywhere. Worth it though.
    aqua mirabilis
  6. Sikkim Girls Perfume.
    This post is obviously is no order otherwise my favourite perfume EVER, would be battling for the top spot. Have you ever wanted to smell sexy yet comforting with a hint of sassy? That’s how I would describe how I feel when I wear this perfume. It’s a very strong jasmine smell that settles the longer you wear it. With Lush’s perfumes not having synthetic ingredients, it means that it changes depending on the skin it’s on, so it won’t smell the same on anyone. Some people smell this and look away in disgust, I pour the bottle on myself and still go back for more.
    sikkim girls body lotion
  7. Dream Cream Body Lotion.
    For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an issue with my legs where they’ll itch until it’s physically painful. Dream Cream was made with eczema and psoriasis in mind which means it’s full of Oat Milk to stop any itching, which I’ve found to help me immensely. As well as this it can be used as after sun, on burns, hands, feet, literally anywhere. It’s a cream that everyone needs around, just in case.
    dream cream
  8. Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream.
    Why aren’t there more products out there for boobs? I’m not one for having much skin on show, so it’s mainly my décolletage that I show off which means I want it to look nice. This Breast Cream has tightening and firming ingredients which help the elasticity of the skin. I love it on my neck which has far too many lines for my liking.
    lovely jubblies
  9. Big Blue Bath Bomb.
    Of course I’ve worked my way around the bath bombs countless times, but my favourite amongst the all year round range has to be Big Blue. It’s a seaweed bath, meaning I either feel like I’m in a spa, or that I’m a mermaid. I obviously know which I prefer to think.
    big blue bath bomb
  10. Lush’s Emotional Brilliance Range.
    Lush’s EB is their makeup range and I just couldn’t pick a colour. Perspective, Decisive and Confident are my favourite colours of all time but overall the range is fantastic and it’s definitely not something that should be looked passed. I did a full post on the range and my favourites, as well as what they look like mixed together: Lush’s Emotional Brilliance Range. Such pigmented colours to create a subtle or dramatic look for everyday use.
emotional brilliance wheel
After two years, these are the products that I highly recommend you try. In case you didn’t know, Lush do give out samples upon consultations, so if you did want to try anything from this list, head on to your nearest store, grab a sales assistant and let them show you your next favourite obsession. If you’ve tried any of these before, or agree that they’re some of the best, let me know in the comments!
(Photos are either my own or have been taken from the official Lush website)