My Plus Size Fashion Autumn Wishlist

Recently I received a surprise parcel from George at Asda, well, I say surprise but technically I did know it was coming, I just didn’t know what would be inside of it! It turns out that this time, George didn’t read my mind and bring out styles that I absolutely go crazy for, as the two tops and sweater/jumper, isn’t something I would wear by choice, however, the colour scheme, textures and glamorous gems really got me thinking about what I actually want in my Autumn wardrobe. Not really in a realistic way, as I would have to be attending several very fancy functions to wear everything I want, but, a girl can dream and I certainly have been. I mean…..
My Plus Size Fashion Autumn Wishlist
George always brings out amazing collections whatever the season and I end up having quite a lot of staples with them, with these tops being a teaser for the new collection, I can safely say it’s something to be excited about. I love George for many reasons, but mainly because their clothes actually cater for plus sizes and they’re super affordable. George don’t often have discount codes, but when they do I’m straight there with an order! So, without further delay, take a look at how vibrant and glitzy they are….

George at asda autumn collection
So, where are my wishlist items from? From the top left….


I’m a little crazy for Chi Chi London’s plus section, I’ve worked with them a couple times and jump with excitement every time I see them bring out a new dress, which lately, has been really often. I’m off to the races soon and I’d love to wear one of theirs, maybe the maxi?


City Chic is a new brand at Evans and they’re from the States, so I really haven’t seem them on the UK scene before now, probably due to shipping and taxes. I am lusting over pretty much every single dress, but they do come with a hefty price tag. It’s a good job Evans have sales pretty much every day.
Finally, ASOS, I’m beginning to like ASOS more and more lately and as soon as I have money to spare I am definitely signing up to their premier scheme where you get free delivery and inside info for just £10 and it lasts the year, bargain!

My Plus Size Fashion Autumn Wishlist


The second part of my wishlist contains (top row, left to right)….
Bottom row….


I keep seeing a lot of Navabi around lately and I see them as the high end of Plus Size Fashion as everything is far too expensive for me, but I still want it anyway. Of course, a couple more City Chic dresses are featured as I was being deadly serious when I said, I want it all. I seem to want all the glizy, glamorous styled dresses, but nothing too bright this Autumn, I feel like I’ve been colourful enough to have a really dark but metallic time during the colder months now. There’s also a little kinky Curvy Kate on this wishlist, not because I want the babydoll shown, well I wouldn’t mind it, but I’m rather excited for their new and more daring line to come out. It should be out next month and you can see teasers of Scantilly on their twitter.
So, what’s on your Autumn wishlist?
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