My Mum’s 50th Birthday!

For my Mum’s birthday I decided that I wanted to completely throw away EVERYTHING in her makeup bag and replace it all. Similar to when I got my hands on Cat’s makeup (see my Illamasqua Experience post for details), however this time, the owner of the bag didn’t have a say in the products at all. I wanted to get a few options of colour, so I didn’t buy a lot of the really expensive brands.
When my Mum saw her presents the first thing she went for was the makeup bag, inside there was one of everything she could ever need. Including a set of Sleek brushes. They were only £12 and they’re shockingly good quality!
sleek brushes
I got her the NYC primer, I’ve read a review on this a couple weeks ago and it really put me off, however when I tried it myself I absolutely loved it. It’s really creamy and has a lovely soft consistency. I also noticed a little shimmer in it. Next is all the face products including my Mum’s favourite foundation, Max Factor long lasting (one of my favourites too), MUA powder (got 3 in different colours), MUA bronzer, blush and concealer, the concealer is a medium coverage and very oily looking. Finally a Natural Collection blush. I did her makeup with them all already and the colours are amazing as she has a much more olive skin tone than me.
face products
Lip products included 3 MUA lipsticks with a unscrewable lip liner at the bottom, 2 Max Factor lip liners and a MAC lipstick. (Colours are swatch in order.) All the colours are really creamy and leave a glossy look.
mua lipsticks
mac lipstick
Eye products included our mutual favourite Max Factor’s masterpiece max, 2 MUA mascaras, MUA eyeliner in brown, MUA eyebrow pencil (ABSOLUTELY AMAZING), a Rimmel London eyebrow pencil, Benefit’s eyecon cream, 2 Max Factor eye shadows and a Beauty UK palette. All neutral colours as my mum doesn’t like anything too bright. For her Birthday meal I did her a orange/brown smokey eye and it looked lovely.
eye makeup
The total cost of the new makeup bag is unknown, somewhere between £60-£80.
As well as this I included two Lavender essential oil bottles from Holland and Barret, they were buy one get one half price so they cost around £14.
Two Lush shops to the total of £60, including bath products, lovely jubblies and a massage bar.
bath bombs lush
Liz Earle’s famous cleanse and polish, with her moisturiser. (PLEASE buy Liz Earle online, it’s much cheaper and the deals are far better than in store, it cost me around £40 for both when I could have got a bundle for the same amount.)
Sally Hansen’s Maximum growth polish, £5. My mum absolutely loves this and used it years ago so I’ve reunited them.
Chocolate cake, Roses and Wine were also included, essentials really.
selection of presents
As well as this we covered the entire downstairs in balloons and placed sequins all around her presents, we had ’50th’ door streamers and banners around on the walls too. Even bought a helium tank, it was fantastic.
room of balloons
 My Mum did ruin the surprised by not waiting until morning, but her reaction was so cute it was hard not to let her, if you can’t spoil your Mum on her 50th, then when can you?
Please note that although the balloons look really pretty, my Dad and I almost DIED blowing them all up as the helium tank only did 30. I don’t recommend this many balloons without a pump.