My First Yankee Candles

No, that isn’t a typo, these are seriously my first Yankee Candles ever. I’m shocked too, to be honest. People have been obsessed with Yankee Candles for as long as I can actually remember, even my best friend will spend an absolute fortune on Yankee candles but it’s only now that I’m finally getting to try some for myself.

Yankee Candles
The Yankee Candles I received are from the Fall in Love section and they smell incredible. All of these scents are so warm and rich, making them perfect for longer, darker nights. The large jar candles actually last for 110 – 150 hours, which is so impressive, and the smaller jars in my photos last for up to 40 hours. The scents in my photos include:

Warm Cashmere Large Jar Candle – £23.99

I did think this sounded like an odd fragrance but it actually smells amazing, with orange, sandalwood, and french vanilla, it’s actually a combination of some of my favourite smells.

Vibrant Saffron Large Jar Candle – £23.99

I think it’s safe to say that this one is actually my favourite, as it contains my favourite smell, vanilla. This is such a warming fragrance and it really makes you feel cosy.

Yankee CandlesYankee Candles

Autumn Glow Large Jar Candle – £23.99

This is definitely the most Autumn smelling candle with tonka bean, patchouli, and citrus. It’s almost crisp smelling like a colder early morning. I’d definitely call this a more of a daytime candle than a cosy candle for the nights.
I’ve also got the small version for £8.99.

Mulberry & Fig Delight Small Jar Candle  – £8.99
I love the colour blue and again this has vanilla, how perfect? This is a very fruity candle with deeper notes. Another definite mood boosting candle, I imagine this to work best on a darker day when you want to lighten it up! 
What’s your favourite Yankee Candle?
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  1. Laura [Merkitty]
    6th October 2017 / 5:09 pm

    Now I think I must be the only person who has never tried them. The weird thing is I’ve gifted them to other people before, but not bought them for myself. Maybe one day someone will gift one to me too.