My First Vlog in a Karina Trudy Dress!

Karina Trudy Dress
Technically, this post is a good couple weeks ahead of schedule, well, the schedule that has now turned upside down, but when spontaneity strikes, you can’t ignore it! Alfie headed off last weekend to one of his DJ events, and currently we’re house sitting whilst his parents are away, which meant that I was completely alone. I say alone, but I had 5 dogs, 2 birds, and an array of wildlife in the river for company. Alfie’s always saying how I should vlog my days or vlog events, but to me, it didn’t seem appealing. However, seen as he was totally not expecting it, I spent an entire day, filming, editing and then a couple days on his terrible wifi trying to upload.
Karina Trudy Dress, plus size fashion, georgina grogan
Tonight I got the little notification that it had finally uploaded and until the feedback, I had no intention of even adding it to my blog. However, seen as I’m wearing a new Karina Trudy Dress (the black and white gingham), I thought I’d hit two birds with one stone, and maybe even get some more feedback on vlogging! I started off my day by just wanting a super comfortable but pretty dress to wear around the house, as I haven’t been feeling the best with my back.
Karina Trudy Dress, plus size fashion, georgina grogan
Karina Trudy Dress, plus size fashion, georgina grogan
Karina Trudy Dress, plus size fashion, georgina grogan
The Karina Trudy dress retails at $88 (£56.5) and is an absolute dream to wear. I have the XXL which converts to a 20/22. It’s a super stretchy material which means you get a really fitted dress, perfect on boobs and waists. I’m happy to say that this dress would easily accommodate to someone’s bust who was smaller or bigger than mine and is a really true to fit dress. Overall with the design, I’m really impressed, the busy area is a crossover, sweetheart neckline which means you choose how much you want to show off. It’s not the slippery material which falls down your bra though, thankfully! Instead, the extra stretchy material is floaty and creates a wonderful 50s silhouette.
It’s just around knee length on me and I stand at 5’3, a full swirl skirt which if you do watch my video, you’ll see twirling around in the river! I love how easy this is to wash and I cannot wait to show my Mum, she always says the easiest dresses to wash are her favourites. With the material being so lightweight, you simply wash, hang it up and then it’s dried in no time. No fuss! The sizing at Karina caters from a 0 – 22 from what I can see, so I only just made the cut, but it is a really comfortable fit.
So, see the dress in action!
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  • carlahollands

    Please do more!!!! xx

  • You’re make up looks amazing! As always

  • This dress is just beautiful! And it just looks a dream on you 🙂

  • Kaci Soderstrom

    You should vlog more often! It was funny and real.. I hate those fake video blogs where everyone is overly happy and excited.. you were just being you. I have to admit you not putting the cheese on your pizza after you put the tomato down made me scream, “Why?!!” but that’s just me. It was great to be able to see the outfit from different angles too.. definitely hope this wasn’t your last one. ♥

  • Kira

    Gorgeous. Love the dress, your curls (I want the curls gal, how do you get them like that?) and the lip colour. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I think you should do a super hyper vlog, that was so funny x

  • I loved the vlog and this dress is so pretty on you, I will definitely be checking these people out, the cut and fit look great on you! – Tasha

  • Your dog is adorable! And that dress is perfect on you. 🙂

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