My Favourite Plus Size Lingerie from Nine X!

My first review of Nine X was a very, very long time ago with my now favourite thing to sleep in ever. I love feeling pretty when I go to bed, but more often or not when you’re putting on 16 different products on 16 different areas to test out, you don’t feel pretty at all, just messy. My Nine X lingerie definitely helps with that, as I’ll wake up in the morning a soft goddess strutting around in silk. Silk, as you probably know, feels amazing to sleep in as it’s super cosy, lightweight and soft.
Plus size blogger, Nine x Gala' -Purple satin Chemise with Lace Bust

I love Nine X so much to sleep in that I ended up buying quite a few more from their Amazon Shop and I love them all. The thing that sticks out most for me is how vibrant the colours are and striking, I absolutely adore the purples and this time, I picked up one in my favourite colour, blue. I wear a size 5XL, as I don’t want them to be super tight whilst I’m sleeping, obviously if they’re more for ‘show’ rather than to sleep in, you could probably get away with your true size (especially if you don’t have huge boobs). Nine X’s babydolls aren’t the most supportive things, but I doubt they’re meant to be. They offer a light support but if I’m wearing them around the house, I usually pop them on with some PJ bottoms and a bra.

So which ones did I get? First up, in the gorgeous purple colour is the Gala’ -Purple satin Chemise with Lace Bust at £16.99. The cups on this are just a tad too small for me which means it doesn’t sit perfectly, but if I sized up again I would have far too much material on me. I love the length on this one as it’s fine to roam around a family house without having to worry over flashing anyone!

Plus size blogger, Nine x Gala' -Purple satin Chemise with Lace Bust
The second one I picked up is this slightly shorter blue babydoll, which I actually can’t find on the website. They do have the Lila’ Beautiful satin babydoll Purple version but if you’re wanting the blue, it’s on Amazon. Again £16.99 but it’s a little cheaper on Amazon which is odd but welcomed. This one is a much better fit on my bust and really accommodating, but again, a bra makes it look better on. I love the lace detailing on these as my two favourite things to wear are blue and leopard print items, so this is perfect for me. The sizing is the same on all of these, a 5XL, seems a little big for my usual 20 sized self, but this does equal a 22-24 in their sizes.
plus size blogger, nine x Lila' Beautiful satin babydoll
plus size blogger, nine x Lila' Beautiful satin babydoll
Lastly, I picked up something a little shorter and in black, as I only have my black silky dressing gown and I love black silk. This is the Stunning satin babydoll Black at a slightly cheaper £12.99 to the rest. I think it’s because there’s a little less material? I’m not complaining. This one fits like an absolute dream on my chest, waist and length wise on my 5’3 self. I’m really impressed with it. It’s a little cheekier and very creased, I apologise for my laziness!


Nine X Stunning satin babydoll Black, plus size blogger
Overall with Nine X, if you have a big chest, I would say to size up every time for comfort and a better fit. The prices do seem to be slightly cheaper on Amazon, but either way, they wash amazingly and although I wear my first one all the time, it still looks brand new. The lace is a high quality and it stretches to accommodate chests and it doesn’t fray like some.Have you tried Nine X before?


*I was gifted another babydoll but it isn’t featured here because of hair dye and you can imagine the rest. So I bought these myself because I genuinely wear them every single night.