My Favourite Christmas Tradition – The Grogan Family Party! #MakeTheirChristmas

It doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until it’s time for the Grogan Christmas Family Party. It’s by far one of my favourite family traditions as it always happens on the last weekend of November, so that more of the family are free, and that just so happens to usually fall on/around my Birthday. Even with all the Christmas adverts around and how lovely they’ve been, especially the one below from Littlewoods, I still have to wait for this family party to get in the festive spirit. Thankfully, it was last weekend and now I’m ready to watch Elf daily and sing all the cheesy Christmas songs!
The Grogan Christmas  Family Party has been going for many decades, it was the 31st year this year to be exact, and nearly every single member of my dad’s massive side of the family attends. Their children, partners and even friends if you’d like. We’ve actually outgrown a venue in my time at the parties, which used my grandad’s pub! There are the main and *best* women in the family who every single year, dedicate their time to cook for now over 100 people! They are goddesses in the kitchen. Obviously, these spectacular women are not going to do all the hard work, so the men of the family take hot serving dishes around to all of the family and serve our Christmas meals.
My Favourite Christmas Tradition - The Grogan Family Party! #MakeTheirChristmas
After we’ve all finished eating, the men also take it away, it’s a very nice system that keeps everyone happy and feeling like they’re all doing their part to help out. Next, it’s time for the party to start, tables are moved and the music is turned up. We’re very lucky that every single year, Father Christmas turns up with Selection Boxes, Money, and Candy Canes (he’s upped his game since I hit the limit of being allowed up) to give out to all the children whilst head speaker of the night announces them all and we cheer like crazy! Only children from 0-16 can visit Santa, then apparently ‘we’re too old’, sometimes if you don’t run fast enough, you get roped into being a Santa’s Little Helper and have to wear *lovely* outfits (you know, just in case one of my auntie’s read this ahaha.)
When all the children are happy and hyped up on chocolate, the Grogan’s then make their famous dancing circle and you get to show off your moves. If you head over to Instagram, you’ll see that Alfie’s not shy around new people. The drink is always flowing, as scousers don’t half know how to knock it back and this year, has by far, been one of the funniest nights ever. Probably because I really needed and wanted a night out for a change, apparently my dancing to Single Ladies told everyone that too.
Christmas this year is definitely going to be amazing, I can tell. I’ve already done 80% of my shopping, including at Littlewood’s Christmas Range, and partied hard enough to want to rest up for the remaining of the year, ha!
What do you love about Christmas?


*This post is in collaboration with Littlewoods*
  • Rosy Flynn

    This sounds like an amazing Christmas Tradition, I would love it if my family had a good tradition like this

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  • This tradition sounds amazing. Friends get invited too right? Hint hint!
    C xx