My Curves & Me – Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra

I could rant about high street stores and their pathetic or zero attempts to make a decent D+ bra, and I could complain about a good quality bra costing a small fortune. Instead, I will just focus on the positives which are there are tonnes of companies who do specialise in D+ bras, sure we may not be able to visit them all to try everything on. But after you get your size, measured properly I will add, buying online is pretty straightforward and a lot easier. Last month I was sent the Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra Spice in a 40FF from My Curves and Me* who specialise in D+ sizes and are a Panache Outlet. They’re also bra fitting experts which means they’re dedicated to making sure you have the right fit for your size.

My Curves & Me
This Panache bra from My Curves and Me is not something I would usually wear as having boobs my size often means that nothing in kind to them. Without padding or at least a more structured bra, I feel I could take on even Madonna. This Panache Andorra Bra is a non padded, lace bra and I thought I would not have much shape from it at all. However, after adjusting myself and the bra accordingly I found I have a really nice and soft shape, as opposed to bulging out and looking more like Dolly Parton. The back is quite thin, which I’ve often found I do favour a wide back, a longline bra has to be my all time new favourite. It has 3 small hooks but it is a very supportive back nevertheless. The strap sit perfectly as they’re not too far or too close together and the band sits fully to my chest.

My Curves & Me The detailing on this bra is beautiful with decorative lace around the band and half lace cups, I also like the little bow in the middle.

My Curves & Me - Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra.

As you can see it’s a perfect fit as I don’t spill out of the bra at all. This bra is also a bargain as it’s now on sale for £20.30 reduced from £29! With bras it’s always best to spend a little more and get a bra that will definitely last and be comfortable. It may seem expensive, especially if you’re going to be buying a couple, but in the long run it saves a lot of hassle and pain from having a correctly fitting, and a good quality bra. I would definitely recommend heading to your nearest bra fitter, but do your research first and try an online calculator, they can be extremely accurate if you use a good one!

My Curves & Me - Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra.

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