My Best Friend is a Diamond

Throughout my life I have become close to people time and time again, to unfortunately only be let down one way or another. One person who has always been there to pick up the pieces is my Mum. Now I know it’s cliché to call your Mum your best friend, but mine really is. My Mum is the type of mum who makes your friends want her for their own, she’s the type that doesn’t judge you, that you can talk to like a sister, who doesn’t force you to do something that doesn’t make you happy, and tells you straight away if a dress does make you look shit.

I absolutely hated my school years, from my earliest memories right up until College, but my Mum would always comfort me, ring up if she needed to, on the odd occasion march into the school, and probably most importantly to me, not make me go in if I didn’t want to. College was probably the hardest years for me as I had so much going on personally, as well as with my family. These were the years where I lost everyone close to me from friends to boyfriends, but the only one I miss, and the most painful was, my beloved Nan.


best friend


My Mum hasn’t had it easy, in fact, quite the opposite. We have a joke that our family is ‘cursed’, but sometimes it does feel like that. Despite losing her mum, to Alzheimer’s last Easter, my Mum has continued to hold everything together like she always has. My Mum quit her job working in Banks to be a stay at home mum for my brother and I, this has meant she never missed a play, an award ceremony, a doctor/dentist appointment, even a sick phone call home, my Mum came to it and was there for it all. When my Mum took on the task of becoming a carer for my Nan, it meant that she had to do all of this and much, much more. My Mum became a completely different person, who would worry, be down, and really work herself too hard without ever having a break, which really took a toll on her health. But my Mum never let anything stop her, sure we had down days, but anyone who has had a relative with Alzheimer’s will know of the emotional and physical strain it has on the entire family, and for anyone who has been/is or has a parent who has been/is a carer, my heart goes out to you. Nobody truly understands until they’ve been through it.



After caring for my Nan, and continuing to care for my brother, my dad and I, my Mum deserves a medal. She became Wonder Woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders. From the biggest of problems to break ups, fall outs, crying over exams, she was there for everything with a shoulder to cry on, or some maltesers. We would have ‘sad movie’ days, pamper nights, bottles of wine and pity parties. But even with our ‘curse’ of bad luck, my Mum has always been supportive and that’s where I consider myself a very lucky girl. Especially with my blog, our blog. She has an active input on everything that goes on it, brands we work with, posts, pictures, ideas, logos, colours, fonts, everything and more! My beautiful Mum also has let me borrow her face (I did her makeup), wardrobe, and makeup bag for posts as well, but despite having such an input and an influence, she had no idea that this post was coming.



Normally, I can’t keep anything from my Mum, as we talk so much and I tell her everything I normally end up slipping up with secrets, I seem to have ‘foot in mouth syndrome’, but this time I was contacted by 77 Diamonds, as they are are celebrating all of the diamond best friends out there this Valentine’s Day so have asked me to blog about what makes my best friend so special. I could only dream to be like my Mum one day, to have gone through so much and still be able to make complete strangers laugh and smile with how friendly and bubbly she is. She’s the type of person that you could instantly love, and despite how moody she could ever be, always love. My Mum is my best friend because everything about her is Special. I love you, Mum!