My Beauty Compare

There’s nothing worse than buying your favourite product and then walking into another store and realising it’s on offer, we can all agree on that. But now there’s a way to find out where you can grab your favourite items for less, meaning you can save (or spend what you save!) My Beauty Compare is the Worlds 1ST Beauty comparison site which works with thousands of brands. I know when I have a favourite product, or one that I just HAVE to splurge out on to replace, it makes me feel so much better knowing I’ve got the best deal and possibly, free delivery. My Beauty Compare also adds in the P&P cost, meaning you can work out if it’ll be cheaper to pop into a store, or get it delivered straight to your door.

Not only does it compare different websites for the best price, you can also take a test to have your products personalised for your needs. This is incredibly helpful if you’re looking to try something new but not sure what’s right for you, My Beauty Compare takes out the middle step of asking and researching and just straight away tells you what would be best for your hair or skin. I recently found a new favourite product from using it, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Mate. Recently, from dying my hair far too often it has become a lot dryer than usual, and there’s only so much Lush a girl can afford to keep up with. So, I decided to branch out a little and look for other strengthening and conditioning products that kept my hair colour in, and that’s where My Beauty Compare came to the rescue. Their results showed me lots of different colour repair masks so I was straight off to my local boots to look at the products it had recommended. Already I’ve noticed a massive difference and I’m a lot happier with my hair’s overall appearance.

This is the most recent picture I had of my hair, I slept in the Aussie deep treatment all night and washed it out just before styling my hair, my hair lasted all night and was still curly the next morning! I absolutely love being able to go on the site and find out new products to try, based on my needs.

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