The Must See Tour: Cirque Du Soleil Varekai

Cirque Du Soleil Varekai

Cirque Du Soleil Varekai

The title really says it all, I cannot express how much we loved Cirque Du Soleil Varekai and how much you all need to go see it. It’s truly a breathtaking show from the performances, to the stage work, singing, lighting and I can’t not mention the Masters of the Ceremony who were absolutely hilarious. I’ll be completely honest, I’ve heard of Cirque Du Soleil but I had no idea what it was about or what it entailed. I could have easily done my research but instead I thought to go there blindly and just take it all in and it was honestly so beautiful. The lamest and most basic description I can give you is that it’s a very fancy and sophisticated circus but nothing like the Circus shows in tents that we’re used to in England. I am still truly mesmerised by Cirque Du Soleil and the incredible performances from across the Globe. Performances included:

Net – Fernando Miro (Puerto Rico)
Synchronized Tumbling  – Hayami Yumita (Japan), Yuta Takahashi (Japan), Kodai Noro (Japan), Ryota Asadome (Japan), Nahirito Tonosaki (Japan)
Sticks – Arisa Tanaka (Japan)
Single Point Trapeze – Kerren McKeeman (USA)
Clown Magic – Sean Kempton (UK), Emily Carragher (USA)
Georgian Dance – Lasha Sakhokia (Georgia), Levan Torchinava (Georgia), Tornike Zabakhidze (Georgia)
Slippery Surface – Alexander Kurennoi (Russia), Emily McCarthy (UK), Camille Van Betsbrugge (Belgium), Ayla Ahmadova (Azerbaijan), Olga Chybisova (Ukraine), Kateryna Sytnikova (Ukraine), Anastasyia Melnychenko (Ukraine)
Solo on crutches – Raphael Nepomuceno (Brazil)
Straps – Oleksii Kozakov (Ukraine), Alexander Romashyn (Ukraine)
Roue Cyr / Cyr Wheel – Cedric Belisle (Canada)
Lightbulb – Skywatcher (Andrey Kislitsin – Russia), The Guide (Rodrige Proteau – Canada)
Canes – Darina Mishina (Russia)
Russian Swings – Andrey Babyshev (Russia), Sergey Cherkasov (Russia), Sam Sturt (UK), Alexey Maksimov (Russia), Vitalii Alekseev (Russia), Andrey Kartashov (Russia), Evgueny Tarakanov (Russia/ USA), Keiran Bourke (Australia), Uladzimir Maliutsin (Belarus), Konstantin Kolbin (Russia), Evgeny Mitin (Russia), Nikolai Shaposhnikov (Russia)

It was A LOT to take in and every performance was absolutely flawless. I nearly died during the Russian Swings as someone slipped slightly, of course they styled it out but oh my god, my heart, Alfie’s heart, it was the perfect way to bring the show to an end. Such amazingly risky yet perfect performances that made the show so spectacular.  This is actually the first ever Irish and UK arena tour of their signature production, Varekai. It’s set deep in a mystical forest near the summit of a volcano in a world called Varekai. It follows a young man’s journey where he loses his wings, tries to find them again, and ends up finding love.

It’s about to hit Leeds, and then Birmingham, Nottingham and Glasgow. You can get tickets HERE (not affiliated, I’m just being helpful).



Tickets were provided in return for this post, all words and opinions are my own.
  • Kel

    I’ve been lucky enough to see a couple of Cirque shows, and they truly are incredible! I cant get over the things these people can do with their bodies!