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Before I started my blog I was already obsessed with makeup and the cosmetics world, but I didn’t have a constant desire to buy more and more makeup brushes. I miss those days. Now I have an intensive collection ranging from high end to more affordable ones. I always seem to be disappointed with high end brushes, they either don’t last, are far too expensive to ever consider, or wash terribly. A good brush needs to be able to survive trips in my makeup bag as I go about my daily adventures and then enjoy a nice soak when it’s cleaning day. Most of my favourites won’t come as a shock, pretty much every beauty blogger, or person who has come across Real Techniques Brushes will absolutely love them. Rightly so, as they really are amazing quality and the perfect shapes. None of these brushes I used before blogging, so I thank you all for fuelling this obsession and making me buy appropriate brushes.

Must Have Makeup Brushes
In no particular order, as that would be extremely unfair to them…..
Nanshy Round Buffer Brush, £9.95.
I have done a full review of this brush with the rest of the Nanshy Brush I own, but I will repeat that it’s incredible for buffing into the skin without losing too much product or losing coverage. I have managed to stain mine from my Leopard Print look the other week, which I’m not happy with, but nothing that a good clean can’t solve!
Furless Black Beauty Powder Brush, $10.
Furless are an absolutely lovely company who worked with me back at the beginning and again for my First Birthday Giveaways! They sent me this amazing brush along with a couple others, but this one hasn’t left my makeup bag since. It’s the perfect shape to really powder my oil skin without putting too much or too less in one particular place. It’s perfectly balanced, soft, and has gone through SO many washes that the quality is just amazing for $10. Furless is definitely a company to check out and place a sneaky order with.
Real Techniques Contour Brush, around £9?
The price is hard to determine with this one as it’s only available in their core set, if it wasn’t I would have around 20 by now. It’s the most amazing brush I am yet to use, and therefore probably my favourite. It carves in my non-existent cheekbones and jaw line, making me feel like a sculptured Goddess some days (most days). It fits into the hallow of your cheek perfectly and can even be used to apply blusher. The core set is definitely worth picking up at around £20 as it has 4 or 5 different brushes, all of which come in handy.
Must Have Makeup Brushes


Real Techniques Blush Brush, £9.99.

This looks huge and it really is, a little bigger that the average blusher brush but it does the job a lot better I think! Having a kind of dome shape means that when you’re buffing the product in, the surrounding part of the brush really blends it into your skin, making sure that you have no unsightly lines. It’s also a pretty good contour brush when you can’t find a smaller one as it can also carve the hallow of your cheeks. It’s super fluffy and amazing quality too, which is always a plus.

Nanshy Eyebrow Brush & Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush, £5.95 each.

I’ll group these two together as again, they’ve already been on the blog in a full length review. These two have rarely left my sight, my eyebrow brush hasn’t been more than a couple feet away from me at all times. It’s quite a long eyebrow brush, compared to what I’m used to, but that means that if I want a more natural eyebrow ‘stroke’ look, I can easily achieve it. It also helps with blending my gradient brows and using the brush for eyeliner or other eye details. My Tapered crease brush is the perfect size to not over power any eye with too much makeup in one stop, it’s also a little fluffy making it nice to blend with.

MUA’s Blending And Shadow Brush, £1.95.

MUA is a brand that most people praise and go on about, yet I rarely see people talking about their makeup brushes. This one in particular reminds me of that 217 (I think) MAC brush that every single youtuber goes on about so much. It’s the perfect size to really blend any eye out. They’re not the most amazing quality, around a 6.5/10, but for £2, who can complain!? I own around 5 of these now and I’ll continue to buy them, love them and rave about them. Everyone needs a good blending brush in their life and this MUA one will set you up for a very long time!

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