Muru Jewellery – Talisman Infinity Necklace

Often with jewellery you find that people have certain pieces for a special reason, like Birthdays, Graduations or new jobs. Whether you’ve received something as a gift, or bought something for yourself for a gift, there’s always that special little memory behind it. For me, I rarely wear expensive or sophisticated jewellery, any pieces I have are from failed relationships that aren’t worth cashing in or giving away. Jewellery has a way of making you think of some fond memories, and now there’s jewellery than you can buy which already has a meaning behind it. Making it that extra little bit special.
Talisman Infinity Necklace muru jewellery
Muru Jewellery is all about meanings and symbolism with three different brands Dreamcatcher, Simple chic, and Talisman, which all have the most simplistic, yet beautiful pieces. The jewellery is all designed in London and has designs in sterling silver, gold and rose gold. I was recently asked to review a piece and decided to ask for the beautiful Infinity Necklace. The Infinity sign is a symbol of ‘unlimited potential reminding us to live life without boundaries’. Which is definitely something that sends a positive and empowering message. However, I chose it for much funnier reasons, for example forever hungry, sassy, and outspoken. A sophisticated inside joke, that I have now shared with the Internet…
Talisman Infinity Necklace muru jewellery
(A picture from the #SheffieldBBloggers event)
The chain is only 41-46cm with extender, making it quite short and the actual Infinity symbol is attached to the chain meaning that you cannot take it off and add it to another, longer, chain. I normally prefer something a little longer, however, I don’t have to worry over losing the necklace between my boobs. Which is a welcomed change. The simplistic piece definitely stands out with any outfit and adds that perfect finishing touch. Even celebrities such as Pixi Lott, Louise Thompson and Zooey Deschanel wear Muru Jewellery. With each design comes a little card telling you the meaning behind the piece, which is such a lovely touch and definitely makes it feel unique. At £80, it’s definitely a pricey piece but it’s something that you’ll be able to wear for years to come as the designs are timeless.
What do you think to Muru Jewellery?
  • Gaby

    I think that’s so cute and elegant, I prefer small dinky one-of-a-kind pieces over layered or tacked jewelry, I’ll check out muru’s website now, thanks x

    Gabrielle Isabella

  • I like dainty jewellery like that and this particular piece is so gorgeous. I much prefer buying a few more pricey jewellery then loss of cheap stuff x

    Beauty with charm

  • Such a cool necklace!



  • I love this necklace! Usually I’d agree with you and prefer a longer chain but I really like the length of this! 🙂 xx