Murder Mystery Event with Posh Flooring #MurderOnThePoshFloor

The Murder Mystery Event with Posh Flooring has actually took over the title of the ‘best event’ I have been to, taken from the incredible Think Money Event. By how fast I jumped at going, I actually tweeted I was going before replying back to the email, I’m so glad it didn’t disappoint! Posh Flooring and Search Laboratories needed a way to make floors fun, now I can appreciate a good floor, I actually take my blog photos on my living room floor but I know that some may find it a little dull. So, as the very funny and lovely gentleman from Posh Flooring said, what better way to get people to look at a floor than to have someone die on it!? I laughed but I realise that sounds a bit sick now, ha! Thankfully, The Murder Mystery Company were on hand to make this happen without any actual casualties. The event was held in one of my most favourite cities in the Leeds Hilton City Hotel with some of my favourite friends and bloggers who I’ve wanted to meet since forever!

You already know the event is going to be good when you know so many people, but the constant supply of wine, incredibly company, hilarious actors and delicious food? You’re ticking all my boxes. I’ve actually never played Murder Mystery before, I mean I played it on my blog with Waterstones and got REALLY into it, but I was the first to die thanks to my demon dog. I was expecting this event to end up the same but The Murder Mystery Company do all the role-playing, and it was our job to work as a team on our tables to investigate. No one was expecting it to start quite suddenly but the victim burst into the room screaming in pain and continued to stumble across the entire room until collapsing onto a perfectly laid out crime scene, on a floor from Posh Flooring, obviously. The room erupted in laughter and it stayed that way whilst all the characters introduced themselves, including Sherlock. This was my face throughout the entire event…
Murder Mystery Event with Posh FlooringMurder Mystery Event with Posh FlooringMurder Mystery Event with Posh FlooringMurder Mystery Event with Posh FlooringMurder Mystery Event with Posh FlooringMurder Mystery Event with Posh FlooringMurderOnThePoshFloor Event (50)Murder Mystery Event with Posh FlooringMurder Mystery Event with Posh FlooringMurder Mystery Event with Posh FlooringMurder Mystery Event with Posh Flooring
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMurder Mystery Event with Posh Flooring
Using evidence folders of things found on the victim and suspects, we started asking questions and trying to work out who had a motive. We tried to throw off the other teams by tweeting random culprits like ‘Shady Samantha’, as there was a big screen with our tweets on it, but it didn’t work. In fact it did the opposite and I am taking full responsibility for it! I used to be really clever on paper, but in person I can be a little….ditsy. So when we received THE MOST IMPORTANT CLUE in the entire investigation, I read it wrong and started laughing my head off, which meant we all laughed at my mistake and moved on.
I not only let my team down, but I let myself down too. It could have been the red wine or distraction of food, but rubbish excuses aside I do think that our table had a very valid argument as to why we thought our suspect was the culprit! During the investigation we had to finger print glasses and fill out sheets to give to the police to ask the suspects. It also means that you can really analyse your clues for a better chance at winning and being able to really get involved in this way makes it even funnier. The Posh Flooring event was definitely planned down to the T, there was even a photographer on hand so we didn’t have to take our own photos and instead could just enjoy everything. Therefore, all of these photos in my post, apart from the beautiful food, are courtesy of Search Laboratories, thanks guys!
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  • It was lovely to meet you at the event, it was such a good afternoon! We were so close yet so far from getting the culprit haha! xo

  • This sounds so fun! I love murder mysteries! I’m actually going to a murder mystery play on Wednesday and I’m so so excited! Glad you enjoyed yourself! 🙂

  • Lucie McMaplebear

    This sounds like SO MUCH FUN! Wow, you look like you had an awesome time! xxx

  • Kel

    It’s very generous of you to take responsibility for our team failure, but to be fair – we were all useless! 😀 xx