Mother’s Day 2015 at Lush Cosmetics

You didn’t really think I’d let Mother’s Day slip away without a little post did you? Well, I nearly did unfortunately, until some rather wonderfully smelling products arrived at my door. After wondering in York’s Lush on Valentine’s Weekend, I fell in love with the smell of the new ‘Yummy Mummy’ fragrance, unable to put my finger on what it reminded me of, I teased myself on whether or not to buy a bottle. Deciding that cocktails were more important, now I’ve had the chance to try it out properly, I fully regret my decision. It is heavenly. Not that I can figure out what it reminds me of still, I just know I want it all over me, each and every day. Whilst I was working at Lush for 2 years, I remember how excited I used to get over new products and that excitement definitely remains now I’m just a customer.
Mother's Day 2015 at Lush Cosmetics


The Yummy Mummy Shower Gel is £4.75 for 100g. It’s pretty self explanatory, except with Lush’s you can actually use them as shampoo too and bubble bath. So far I’ve only had chance to try this as a shower gel and although it isn’t the most moisturising I’ve used from Lush (It’s Raining Men or The Olive Branch get that title) the smell is overwhelming delicious and indulgent. It’s a lightly floral and very sweet smelling fragrance with Geranium, Brazilian Orange and Tonka and definitely an everyday fragrance for a little lift. This shower gel even has a tad of Lustre with makes it all sparkly, I do like that in a product.

Mother's Day 2015 at Lush Cosmetics
The fragrance even comes as Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner at £19.95 for 240g. Instead, this uses fresh strawberry juice and several butters such as Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and Murumuru Butters to create soft and cleansed skin that smells almost edible. The strawberries inside are the cleaning ingredients and are amazing or the skin, obviously, as well as to eat. The butters are the ingredients that leave your skin feeling incredible and Murumuru is my favourite. With Lush’s body conditioners, you simply add a little to wet or dry skin and wash off with water before patting dry. Amazing for lazier people who don’t want the hassle of putting on various creams after the bath/shower as it’s a 2 in one!
Mother's Day 2015 at Lush Cosmetics
A product that makes me giggle is the Mother Superior Bubble Bar at £3.75. At first I wondered what on earth it was until I saw the name and it all made sense. The smell is absolutely heavenly with florals from Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Mimosa, no wonder I like it so much, I am obsessed with Lush’s Jasmine products – Sikkim Girls perfume in particular. It’s quite a chunky bar and with the bubble at Lush, you break them up and use them in as many baths as you like, I’ll probably be able to get 3 out of this as I like quite a lot….
Mother's Day with Lush Cosmetics
I always use bath bombs to shave my legs as the Sodium Bicarbonate, which is part of what makes them fizz, softens the water and makes it feel like silk on your skin. I used the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb at £3.50 pretty much immediately and I love it. It reminds me a lot of Titsy Totsy, but an updated and amazing version, it has rose petals that float around your bath and a bright pop of pink just before it finishes dissolving completely. With Orange Flower Absolute and Soya Milk, it’s light, feminine and so completely relaxing. Of course, with being called ‘Rose Bombshell’ there a lot of rose in there, Rose Oil, Rosewood Oil and the rose buds, as well as fine sea salt which makes an incredible bath. Not too much colour so for any Mums who don’t like the glitter and colour changing water, this one is perfect.
Mother's Day with Lush Cosmetics
I’m never crazy over soap, unless it’s Neon Love from the Valentine’s range anyway, but I must say, Love You Mum Soap at £4.25 has swayed me a little. Maybe it’s because it’s shaped as a flower (just a warning that not all pieces will come like this, this is just part of the big design that Lush soaps are first made as, and then in store they’re cut up into the size that you want), or maybe just because the smell is glorious. Another Jasmine and Mimosa with Bergamot for an uplifting touch, it’s another essential daily product in my eyes.
I love the Mother’s Day range this year and although this is just a selection, I’d definitely say they’re some of the best products in the new range. Mother’s Day products don’t often last long after, and depending on the stores, they may be sold out already so I would definitely get a move on, and check online first to avoid disappointment.

Have you tried any of the Mother’s Day range at Lush yet?



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