A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets!

There’s nothing I love more than really spoiling my Mum. I’m really sorry to break this to you all, but she is definitely the best mum, there’s no argument. She’s the type of mum that’ll come home from an event having promised to foster 98% of people who have talked to her, even Alfie jokes about it. I love taking both my parent’s to any and all the events from blogging that I can get them in at and they love it, they love everything about blogging. So, I’ve had my very special mum, who also has great taste, to pick out her favourite things to include in this Mother’s Day gift guide for ALL budgets. It’s not fun reading gift guides where people are whacking in £3,000 dresses for the sake of it, it’s just unrealistic and pointless reading after you draw me in from the beautiful photos…

This guide will start off with the fancy and fun little trinket bits and end up at the luxurious end of the scale. I guess it all depends on how well behaved your mum is, right? 😉
My Mum seriously LOVES glitter, anything sparkly for that matter. She’s the one at the weddings who will put your table sequins in her bag and I’ve witnessed it at least 4 times!
Mum loves this Sienna Gold Shimmer Spray at £4.12 for 75ml, it’s super affordable but mega fun. I decided to jazz up the living room floor by spraying it around whilst laughing at myself. It’s actually not funny when you’re still trying to get it off weeks later, but isn’t it pretty? Mum loves a bit of sparkle on her skin when she’s going out and this is nothing too much at all, a light dusting and a quick rub to distribute it a little lighter across your arms/chest and you’re good to go, it’d also be fabulous on legs!

We have our nails done every month but towards the end when it starts to *show* that they need redoing, Mum loves applying glitter all over them to distract wondering and picky eyes. She loves China Glaze Nail Varnishes at £6.98 each, especially the gold glitter!
As you can tell my mum is quite girly but maybe your mum is more practical and would love a fun tote bag from Rosie Willett Designs? Fun, fashionable but very much what everyone wants in their handbag now as we all deep down detest paying 5-10p for carrier bags. Especially as they’ve made them smaller!? Scandalous.
A Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets, sienna body glitter A Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets, china glaze nail varnishA Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets, balance me hand lotion A Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets, Cognito Spa

One thing my Mum constantly goes on about is exfoliators, she always wants something scrubby for the shower and I’m the same, but it’s so important to use a moisturising exfoliator, especially if you’re using it more than a couple times a week. Mum adores the Exfoliating Body Scrub from Cognito Spa at £11.99 for 200ml, we have the Cucumber one and not only does it smell beautiful, but it leaves a silky layer of moisture from the shea butter and coconut oil meaning you’re not harming your skin or drying it out.

Can you tell my Mum loves a pamper? Next up is the Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream at £14.50 for 100ml, she is obsessed with hand creams and keeps picking up a lot of Balance Me products lately, I think she’s found a new favourite. Balance Me is a beautiful brand and any of their products would make an incredible gift, but I just love practical gifts, things that people will use daily or weekly and really enjoy.

We’re redecorating and suddenly my Mum has decided she wants candles on display to finish off her new unit (I’ll show you more in my upcoming decorating posts!) so she’s picked out the Garden of Eden Signature Candle  at £30, which smells divine! It’s meant to be a blossoming garden scent with tuberose, lily, jasmine and ylang. To accompany them on the new unit we have two candles from Rathbornes including a Travel Candle at £16, which lasts for 20 hours burn time and the Classic Candle at £30 for 40 hours. These 3 mixed together smell absolutely incredible.

There’s nothing more relaxing than having candles on with a pair of slipper and did you know that you can get slippers from Sketchers? Not only comfy but also good for your posture. I do love a pair of Sketchers.

A Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets, rathbornes candles A Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets A Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets, charles mallory A Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets, charles malloryA Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets, owls watchesA Mother's Day Gift Guide for ALL Budgets, owls watches

Heading into luxury with the Charles Mallory Casablanca Powder Compact at £89. My Mum is always looking and buying compact mirrors because more often than not, they’re flimsy, cheap, or just get broken from being both, so what would be more perfect than a super fancy compact? Mum didn’t actually pick this one and instead I did, but her face when she opened it told me that I had obviously done a really good job. This compact is crafted from solid brass and has a gold plated finish, it’s been designed to make you feel special whilst you hold it and it really does. The packaging alone is rather wow!

Talking of wow packaging, the last item of our gift guide is the super glamorous Belfast gold and pink strap from Owl Watches at £105. Isn’t it beautiful? And that box!? It’s ridiculous how nice the boxes are at Owl Watches but that just shows what thought has gone into the company. Mum has already snook this out of the house for a night out and she absolutely loves it. She’s turning into quite a glamour puss!

Probably the only thing I haven’t mentioned is clothes! My mum’s wardrobe is bulging at the minute, joys of having a fashion blogger as a daughter. If you’re mum is in need of a fancy new piece, check out these beautiful shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts!

What do you think to my Mum’s picks?



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