Moroccanoil Travel Set

After hearing a lot about Moroccanoil and how beneficial it is on damaged hair, I decided to take this Moroccanoil Travel Set* to Plus North with me to test it out for the first time. For someone who is completely obsessed with her hair, this was a huge leap of faith in a product for me and I’m pleased to say that, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Inside the set there was the Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Duo 70ml, which are perfect for chemically damaged hair and are completely colour safe. Music to my ears. They nourished my hair thoroughly whilst leaving it feeling silky soft and the frizz under control. Thanks to the argon oil and keratin oil, I didn’t have to worry about my split ends looking really bad or noticeable. I used them twice over the space of 3 days and my colour didn’t fade at all! I was really impressed with the shampoo and conditioner and they’re definitely something I would buy full sizes of.
Moroccanoil Travel Set look fantastic
The set also contained a Moroccanoil Treatment, 100ml, I didn’t take this to Plus North but I used it afterwards and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Normally, oils on my hair sink in really fast and don’t make a massive difference. This Moroccanoil Treatment deeply conditions for instant results that even the thickest and more damaged hair can see and feel. The oil itself feels really thick and conditioning and a little goes a long way on the hair. I used the entire 100ml, which with other treatments would lightly coat my hair, this time, it fully saturated it. I was amazed at the results, my hair looked glossier and shinier, as if I had just been in a salon for hours. The travel set even had an extra small Moroccanoil Treatment for day to day use on damp hair before styling.

Moroccanoil Travel Set look fantastic
Finally, the set contained a Moroccanoil hairspray which got me really excited. After trying out a similar product a couple months ago, I had no idea that hairspray could be, well, this good. Not only does it hold your curls and volume, but it just makes your overall hair look so much better and healthier. Normally, hairspray has a quite drying effect on my hair and makes the stray strands stand out and look almost lost, however, this hairspray coated everything together beautifully. It’s even easy to brush out too and not to mention, the perfect 75ml handbag size. I unfortunately completely forgot about this whilst at Plus North, but I have been using it whilst going about my normal daily life and it’s fabulous. I’d definitely get a big bottle of it!
This exact set doesn’t seem to be online at Look Fantastic, but similar sets are around £30, which seems pricey for a travel set, but if you want your hair to look fabulous and voluminous whilst you’re away, it’s the perfect travel set for your hair.