Monthly Makeup Favourites

Over the last couple weeks I have been obsessing over certain makeup products and I just had to share them with you all…..

The most impressive is without a doubt the CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes mascara at £18.  Mascaras are my favourite part of makeup but I have several tests to see if a mascara really is as good as it says. This one is a base mascara, it does all the work to make it easier for your usual mascara. It adds volume, length, and thickness so that when you add your regular mascara you end up with the biggest and most beautiful lashes with minimum effort. I’d usually apply 3-5 layers to achieve my desired look and with this, just 2 are needed. It’s paraben and cruelty free too! You just need to leave it for 30 seconds, but I’d definitely leave it for longer if you have time.

CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes mascara CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes mascaraCODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes mascaraCODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes mascara
Actual lashes next, I always wear false lashes when I’m out now as it’s just faster, easier and I feel sassier. I normally use the above mascara underneath to boost my natural lashes and make them blend in better but there’s only one place I go for lashes and that’s usually only ever wear Red Cherry 43s and 523s, but I’ve recently found a pair of Ardell Wispies and they are incredibly beautiful, as pictured below. False Eyelashes always has amazing deals, offers and discount codes, I must spend £30 with them a month!

I have finally got my hands on some Cargo Cosmetics products and there’s no wondering why they’ve got such a fantastic reputation. It takes a lot for a foundation to wow me, and it takes a lot of trust in one to wear it out for the first time, especially when it’s a brand you haven’t tried before but there was something about this one. The Cargo Cosmetics Liquid Foundation Pouch is an amazing way to make sure you get every last drop. It’s a lightweight foundation that is a medium to full coverage with a really creamy and hydrating formula. At £25 it’s what you’d expect from a foundation. I’ve also been using the Swimmables™ Water Resistant Blush in the colour Bali. I’ve had it on every single time I’ve worn makeup as it’s the most perfect colour for me, a medium dusky pink. At £18 it comes in a fantastic tin case making it easy to find and protected. The formula, as the name suggests, is longwear and water resistant. I’m SO impressed with Cargo, I really cannot wait to try more!

Cargo Cosmetics Liquid Foundation Pouch Swimmables™ Water Resistant Blush Cargo Cosmetics Liquid Foundation Pouch

The Neve Cosmetics Flat Perfection Velvet Matte powder is heavenly. I thought it was just going to be another basic powder but after the first use, it hasn’t left my side. I’m actually nearly finished with it as I’ve been using it so much! For that reason, I’ve missed my chance to get a decent photo but it’s by far the best powder I’ve ever used and it converts to under £12! I’ve also been sent some new glitters from Neve and more lip crayons which are beautiful. I love the white glitter!

Neve Cosmetics Neve Cosmetics Neve Cosmetics

I’ve also been using makeup brushes from and I love the idea of having a designated website to shop the essentials. I’ve tried a couple brands such as Eco Tools and The Vintage Cosmetic Co. They also stock one of my favourites, Real Techniques. If only they had Nanshy then they’d be perfect! I didn’t know until I’ve just looked that they actually stock lashes too!
With all good things comes the products that didn’t really impress you and this month is was Lord & Berry for me. I so wanted to love their products like everyone else but with a brown lipgloss and a purple lip crayon that looks pink, it was hard to make myself like them. Although, the blusher was beautiful but without any packaging it made it very tricky to take out safely so I didn’t risk it. The problem comes when you’re not asked what makeup products you actually want to try from a cosmetics brand, a brand/PR just sending whatever can leave you with negative thoughts when in fact the brand could be fantastic, but the specific products blindly sent just really aren’t for you.

Lord & Berry Makeup Lord & Berry Makeup

I’d definitely give Lord & Berry another try, but I’d be very picky with what products to avoid disappointment again.

What do you think to my favourites?


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  • I’ve never heard of some of these brands so it’s nice to see some new products! I REALLY want to try Lord & Berry! Xx

  • I’ve always wanted to try flase lashes but never quite got it. What glue would you recommend?