*CLOSED* Moments that Mattered Prize Draw.

Would you like to win an iPad mini? Yes, you read that correctly. An exciting opportunity is here where YOU could win an iPad mini from Lloyds bank for just writing about moments that mattered to you most in 2013, this could be literally anything from the biggest to the smallest thing as long as it brought you joy. Here are the moments that mattered to me most in 2013, followed with how you can take part in this Prize Draw, good luck! 

2013 was a very memorable year for myself, for good and bad reasons. Thankfully, it has brought mostly joy and happiness which all started when I finally posted my first blog post! June was the month where all this madness begun and I’ve never looked back. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else now as for the first time in forever I’m truly passionate about what I’m doing. I’ve always loved writing and beauty, so this seemed like the perfect combination to show my creativity for both. It was also a chance for me to be my blunt and honest self when it comes to reviewing items, which a lot of people are shocked at me for.

Moments that Mattered

Blogging has gained me some fantastic experiences that I never imagined would happen, like working with my favourite brands and making friendships with new ones. It’s allowed me to widen my knowledge on the cosmetic world even further and to really practice and develop my makeup artistry skills. I really surprised myself with my Halloween looks as I’ve never gone that far before with makeup, but I completely got lost in my passion for making myself look unrecognisable and shocking people. I gained most of my audience from them which is lovely as I feel touched that so many people enjoyed and continue to compliment my makeup skills. I’m only self taught and I’ve always had a passion for makeup, but now being recognised for what I can do is absolutely amazing.

2013 was also the year that I met Rachel, we met at work but now we rarely call each other ‘work friends’ it’s as if we’re soul mates. We’re always together or talking and completely understand each other on every level. She’s very much involved with my blog as we do a ‘day out’ series together, she checks my posts, spellings, basically everything to do with my blog. She’s like a manager along with my lovely mummy, and they both really support everything I do and want to do with my blog and my future. This was also the year where all my work friends became my best friends, they’re all beautiful people who support and look after each other no matter what. We’re always there for each other and I love knowing that there’s a group of people behind my every decision. We’ve had some amazing memories together and I hope there’s more to come this year!

Moments that Mattered

Name: Moments that Mattered
Start date for entries: 16th January
End date for entries: Midnight 6th February
Open to UK bloggers ONLY
Make a blog post called ‘Moments that Mattered’ and post the link in the comments below.
Links MUST be posted in the comments on this post to be counted.
Please state when your blog was created and the word count of your post in the comment.
Prize for your ultimate winner: iPad Mini (Value £249)Choosing the winner: Winner to be chosen by me, by personally reading them as I want someone to win who’s put time and effort into their post.
  • Blog must have existed for a minimum of three months before the commencement of the prize draw.
  •  All entry posts must have a word count of at least 200 words
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