The Must Have New Metallic Eyes of Horus Eyeliners!

The Must Have New Metallic Eyes of Horus Eyeliners!

Eyes of Horus

In case you can’t tell by the title, I am rather impressed with the new Metallic Eyeliner from Eyes of Horus. Everything I’ve tried from this brand has always impressed me but these are by far my favourites! I didn’t get chance to go play at their stall at IMATs and I still regret it as I really want to play with the full range. The colours, consistency and packaging are all beautiful.

There are 4 incredible shades in total and I’m so happy that I get to play with them all. At around £19 each they’re a very good price for their quality. You just have to remember to shake them well so all the pigments don’t sit at the bottom.

The colours are Alchemy GoldAncient PewterImperial Bronze, and Copper Sphinx. All incredibly pigmented colours that are so wearable and very versatile. I’ve already tried these in a multitude of ways and everything works. Layering is not a good thing but then it never is.

Eyes of HorusEyes of Horus Eyes of Horus

I did try to have a little play around with them but nothing will full makeup on that I’m proud out. Just two basic looks to show you how you can wear them. I personally love the blended into black eyeliner but a cut out look is also really edgy and fun!


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