Merumaya Skincare Overview

You probably all know this by now, but Merumaya are one of my favourite brands and they have been for years. I’ve pretty much tried their entire range now, with the exception of an upcoming secret product which is on the way to me as I type this. So I thought I would talk you through the Merumaya products I’ve been using most lately and offer you the chance to try out a sample of the brand too!

I am offering 100 of my readers a 5ml sample of the Gentle Exfoliating Toner to try out as well as 15% off your first purchase of Merumaya with the code SMBL15. All you need to do is sign up HERE and in the ‘where did you hear about us?’ box, you need to enter the code SMBL15. 100 random names will be picked once the promotion closes in 2 weeks!

 Merumaya Skincare

Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil 50ml £28.50

This is THE oil to have in your collection. I use it for pretty much everything, to mix with foundation to sheer it out, to sleep in, on any dry skin patches, and even on my hair. It contains Cacay oil which has 50% more Vitamin E than Argan.

Merumaya Exfoliating Peel 50ml £19.50

This is by far the best peel I have ever used and therefore it’s definitely my favourite. It combines acids and enzymes that eat away your dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling softer and smoother than ever. I use this at least once a week to help my congested skin, it makes my makeup go on flawlessly and it’s just honestly one of the most effective products I’ve ever used. Instant results.

Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF20 30ml £31.50

The most impressive moisturiser I have ever had the pleasure of using. I’ve actually used a full bottle of this already so I can 100% say that it’s fantastic. Using the magic number of 3, it has 3 different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, 3 different UVA/UVB filters, and 3 different antioxidants. Even on my seriously oily skin, it’s a blessing. I am hydrated with the perfect base and protection for my makeup.

Concentrated Spot Treatment 10ml £14.50 (NEW AIRLESS PACKAGING pictured below)

One of the best spot treatments I own. I’ve had this in my collection for years in case of emergencies and products like these are something that everyone needs, just in case. It uses 3 clinically active ingredients that deal with the effects and symptoms of spots. It does sting but it’s worth it.


Treatment Toner 128ml £15.50

A toner is an essential for a skincare regime, but more often than not, people use toners that are stripping and drying. This is the complete opposite, it’s so hydrating and dreamy to use.

Bi-Phase Plus Eye Make Up Remover 128ml £14.50

Usually the Melting Balm Cleanser takes my eye makeup off easily so I’ve only used this once or twice on a lazy night. It’s a perfect remover without the oiliness that most leave behind.

Retinol Resurfacing Treatment
30ml £33.50

Another product I just have to mention is the brand new Retinol Resurfacing Treatment which is out of this world. I’ve never tried a Retinol product before, I’ve heard a lot about them but I haven’t specifically gone out of my way to get one but now it’s all I’m using. I’ve actually gone through an entire bottle of this as well over the past few months and I’m now on my second. Vitamin A is amazing for your skin but here it’s used with friendlier ingredients which give you only the positive effects of a retinol. It helps your skin to look and feel healthier and younger, it regulates sebum and overtime it can visibly reduce scars. I used it every night before bed and my skin not only looks great, but it feels amazing too. I often put this on during the day too as I have really oily skin so by wearing something that controls the oils, it helps me to produce less spots.

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  • Nikee Rayner

    I’m making my first purchase now. Thank you for the discount code! Can’t wait to try the resurfacing treatment, Nancy from Sugar, Darling? Says it’s done wonders for her pores and spots!