Mercure Sheffield St Paul’s Hotel and Spa #PicnicWithMercure

One of my favourite places in Sheffield is the Mercure St Paul’s Hotel and Spa, also known as the Mercure Sheffield. We started going there after trying out a spa day offer and after falling in love with the place, I found another offer that blew us away for value. Since then Alfie and I have returned back to the Mercure every couple of months. Spas for me are essential, I’m a complete workaholic with a body that hates working, so getting to switch off is something I rarely do! Unfortunately our last stay didn’t go to plan as the lift to the spa wasn’t working and I can’t walk up and down stairs anymore without intense pain, therefore rendering a spa day absolutely pointless. Last weekend we finally got to revisit and it was probably one of our best stays to date.
 Mercure Sheffield St Paul's Hotel and Spa #PicnicWithMercure
We were working with Mercure to promote their summer offer of #PicnicWithMercure which meant that we received a picnic basket on arrival, but we could have had it whenever. The staff at the Mercure are always so attentive and really cannot do enough for you, so changing things at last minute that would be deemed annoying to another hotel, is something that they’re only too happy to do for you here. You’re meant to go enjoy the picnics in some of the picturesque surroundings close to Mercure hotels, but as it was a rather dull and colder day, they offered to bring it up to our room where we enjoyed a very cute spread. As we were arriving early they offered to put us in a bigger room as ours wouldn’t be ready, who can complain with that? Alfie and I always upgrade our room when staying at the Mercure as the rooms are just so lovely and cosy that we often stay in rather than go out, so it’s well worth the money. This time we were in a Suite and oh my god, we are going to have to resist upgrading to it every time we stay from now on because the room is seriously beautiful. Big, wide, glorious windows with a full view of Sheffield, a separate sitting area, an actual dressing table WITH A MIRROR!? Seriously, what is it with hotels not putting a mirror at the desks? Of course the room also included the biggest and most comfortable bed ever. Because of my chronic pain, extra pillows were already waiting in the room. What a sight for sore eyes! It does get a little awkward when you have to ring up and ask for an unusual amount of pillows every time you stay in a hotel so this little extra touch did mean a lot.

 Mercure Sheffield St Paul's Hotel and Spa #PicnicWithMercure Mercure Sheffield St Paul's Hotel and Spa #PicnicWithMercure  Mercure Sheffield St Paul's Hotel and Spa #PicnicWithMercure

Soon it was time for my spa treatment and it was to date, the best one I’ve had. The best spa therapist I’ve had as well! I actually hate being quiet whilst having treatments, I need to be really honest and vocal about if I’m in pain because if I am, what’s the point in having a treatment!? So I always love talking but this time I was basically howling from laughter on the table as the spa therapist was so lovely. We had so much in common and it’s honestly the most comfortable I’ve ever been. I opted for the Decleor Deep Tissue Muscle Energiser and it is beautiful. Very citrus smelling so it’s definitely for more of a boost rather than to send you to sleep. It was actually quite a long treatment as well which I really enjoyed, in my past treatments they’ve been over too quickly so this was a real treat.

Alfie ended up going back up to the room rather than waiting for me, which meant I spent quite a while trying to find him in the spa before just sitting back and enjoying myself. The Mercure Sheffield is such a beautiful hotel with a beautiful spa to match. Once you’ve changed and walk through the doors into the pool area, you’re greeted with dim, blue lights, and an array of different seating for if you want to sit peacefully, or perhaps lay down and lounge. They’ve really made the spa area even cosier since I first visited, and the addition of different types of seats just adds to the experience. After a swim I headed to the spa rooms which consist of a steam room, sauna, aroma, ice room and experience shower. I always start off in the steam room, followed by the ice room and repeat the hot and cold experiences. I can never fault the rooms at all, they’re spacious, obviously very clean and very enjoyable.

I eventually gave up the thought that Alfie would come back downstairs to the spa and decided to retire. I’m currently enduring a huge pain flare up and nothing is really helping to take the pain down at all, so I was incredible achy and ready to spend the night in a massive cosy bed. We ordered room service, burgers, it’s become a bit of a tradition when we stay there haha! And curled up in bed watching Magic Night on Channel 5. Alfie and I rarely watch TV when we’re at home as we just have a PS4 in our room, so we’re rather excitement when we get a TV night.

 Mercure Sheffield St Paul's Hotel and Spa #PicnicWithMercure

Normally we don’t sleep well in hotels and without a fan on, which I know we could have just rang up and asked for one, but we’re too polite and we were too tired. Shockingly we did end up sleeping incredibly well. We didn’t hear a single pin drop all night long and nearly slept in and missed breakfast! At breakfast I know I can’t hold my own plate when it starts to get full, so until now, I’ve never actually seen the incredible range of food the Mercure lays out for breakfast. There’s a full english, with different types of cereal, a huge range of fruits, pastries, all your juices and a chef to cook up poached eggs. I’m sure the chef does other things too but I always have poached eggs from them! We sat and played pokemon next to the Winter Gardens, eating our breakfast and happily obsessing over the pastry full of vanilla. It was a very lovely morning and an incredibly relaxing and perfect stay.

We will no doubt be back very soon!

Ps – the latest offer at the Mercure is for up to 30% off all bookings made before 30th November, valid for stays until 3rd December 2016.