Meowbox – The Original Subscription Box for Cats!

You may think you’ve read this post before, but you would be mistaking this post for the one on Cat Hampurr, a different subscription box for cats. After reviewing theirs, I was contacted by Meowbox to compare the two and see what I think. Now I love comparing things and I probably would have snuck in a little comparison, but being asked to point out the differences, actually got me a little excited. Especially since Meowbox is the original cat subscription box, all the way from America and they ship to the UK and Canada!

Now, if you follow me on Social Media you will definitely know that I am expecting a new arrival in my house soon! After working for the RSPCA on their Social Media for a few months and training them on it, I obviously couldn’t leave without taking a little memento with me, so I’m getting a new cat. I’m obviously keeping my old one too, Gypsy, but I am soon to be the deliriously happy owner of a beautiful siamese cat, who I am renaming, Majesty! For this reason, and because my current cat is more of a little cow, I’ve not been able to get her to spend 5 minutes with me to photograph her reaction….

Meowbox - The Original Subscription Box for Cats!

Meowbox - The Original Subscription Box for Cats! Meowbox - The Original Subscription Box for Cats!

Meowbox - The Original Subscription Box for Cats!
So, I will just carry on alone and give Majesty the treats when she arrives! Gypsy will obviously regret this and it’s a rather amazing box. The other box was mainly food and one toy, whereas Meowbox is a lovely mix of both. The box included companies from the USA and Canada such as:
The Empurrium
From The Field
Feel Good Treat Co
Jerry Kurlz
Amazing Pet Products
They have a plan for every cat and start at 1 month for £21.95, but the more months you sign up for, the cheaper the boxes are. Which means 3 month is £18.95 each and 6 months is £15.95! Boxes are researched and contain the best possible products and treats for your feline friends, their aim is to make your cat love you even more. They are also pretty amazing in the fact that for every box you buy, they donate a can of food to a shelter on your behalf. I absolutely adore that.
Fancy treating your cat? Head over to Meowbox!
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  • Jenny Scott Russell

    This is so adorable! I need to treat my cat to one of these haha! x

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  • My cats would love this =]