Men’s Christmas Gift Guide

I was really hoping to do a ‘What Do Dads Really Want For Christmas part two’ this year, but this darn back and I don’t seem to be seeing eye to eye for me to be my usual productive self. So instead, I have collected an array of products from different retailers for a Men’s Christmas Gift Guide and tested them out of my fashion orientated and wannabe model brother, beer blogger boyfriend, and my ‘I’ll get involved with anything’ dad, so I can assure you these are all tried and tested by men I do trust!
Shall we get the unusual one out of the way first? This present is for balls. There’s probably a more subtle way to say it, but I find it quite funny. ‘Skincare, for below the belt’ is how they describe it, it includes dry shampoo for balls, a cleanser and sports lubricant for chafing. The Below the Belt Grooming Christmas Gift is £19.95 and I’ve had confirmation from Alfie that he does feel fresh! Perhaps a joke gift? Or maybe a gift that comes with a subtle hint? Either way, it’s a hit!
 Below the Belt Grooming, Mens Christmas Gift Guide
Samuel Windsor, Mens Christmas Gift Guide Samuel Windsor Quilted Jacket, Mens Christmas Gift Guide
The rest of my gift guide is pretty standard, but by no means boring. This Samuel Windsor Quilted Jacket in Navy has been fought over in my house! The Jacket should have been £149.99 but is reduced to £49.99, an absolute bargain for the quality of it. My brother very kindly offered to model it for me so you can all see it on. I believe this is a XL and is a very true to size, as Daniel is normally a Large and this was a tad too big. Daniel decided to do some modest poses that he doesn’t practice on a weekly basis.
Escentric Molecules, Mens Christmas Gift Guide
Escentric Molecules, Mens Christmas Gift Guide Escentric Molecules, Mens Christmas Gift Guide
Now these Escentric Molecules 01, 02 and 03 developed by Geza Schoen really are incredible and innovative. The scents combined with your natural pheromones create an individual scent that is personalised to you! How crazy is that? Compared to the usual perfumes that smell the same on everyone, I love how special this makes them. Alfie and I have previously tried an Escentric Molecules Body Wash and loved it, so the excitement was real when these arrived and he’s already swiped them for himself. To be honest, they do smell better on him, hence why they’re in this Men’s Guide as I think they’ll be perfect for the men in your life (plus you can always sneak some!) Escentric Molecules Travel Sizes of 30ml in cases are £38 each. The cases are so beautifully illustrated too so I’d definitely recommend the cases!
The Very Many Varieties of Beer Pint Glass from Amara Living at £10 is by far one of my top picks for men for Christmas. How amazing is this glass!? This tumbler features a beer taxonomy diagram breaking down the categories of beer, perfect for beer fans like my Dad and Alfie! It’s quite a heavy tumbler and is perfectly fine for dishwasher, but hand washing is recommended to preserve it.

The Very Many Varieties of Beer Pint Glass from Amara Living, Mens Christmas Gift GuideSTM's Grace Sleeve, Mens Christmas Gift Guide

Finally, protect your laptops this year with STM’s Grace Sleeve at £29.95. I picked this in a vibrant purple but it does come in an array of colours and sizes to fit 11-15inch Macbooks. STM combines protection and aesthetics to create stylish and compact sleeves. There’s also enough space to fit cables and accessories for your laptop too, making it a perfect case!

What are you buying the men in your life this Christmas?


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