Meeting Merumaya

Last month I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to meet the genius behind the brand Merumaya, Maleka Dattu. The event was small and intimate where myself and a couple other bloggers sat down with Maleka and her lovely right hand woman, Lekha, to find out about the brand and the inspirational woman behind it. We found out about Maleka’s incredible background in the beauty industry and has worked in the industry for three decades for companies such as Clinique, Origins, Lancôme, and finally her own brand, Merumaya. It was inspiring to hear all about the work Maleka had done, the success she brought the companies and that she has put everything she knows and loves about the beauty world, into her own products. I must confess, that before the meeting I had only heard about Merumaya on Twitter, but 20 seconds into a Google search I realised that I had definitely been missing out.
Meeting Merumaya, maleka dattu, shemightbeloved
(Wearing a very old AX Curve dress)

We found out all about how Maleka wanted the products to be the best possible quality, but without the ridiculous prices, and how the signature smell of the products is all the same but because of the formula, it smells slightly different. After trying out some of the products, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get my hands on some. The Melting Cleansing Balm* can only be described as heavenly. It’s an absolutely innovative concept where the Almond Oil literally melts away your makeup before the balm turns into an easily removable milk type texture, which means it deeply cleanses and washes your makeup away in seconds. At £14.50 for 100ml its price is easy to keep up with as I imagine a full bottle to last quite a while.

I also received a product that I would normally avoid, a Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel*, simply as ‘peel’ normally involves silly ingredients that self peel making people believe that they’re actually doing something to their skin. Thankfully, this was the exact opposite. It’s a beautiful smelling gel that removes dead skin cells and allows the true luminosity of the skin to shine through. The Glycolic acid and Pomegranate Enzymes brightens, clears and can even reduce pores. It’s easily applied in between of your routine and only needs to say on for around 15 minutes, my skin was noticeable brighter straight after using it. At £19.50 for 50ml, it’s a little more pricey but you would only use it around once a week. Unlike the Concentrated Spot Treatment* at £14.50, that you can use pretty much every day if needed. This gel helps to control spots and blemishes by drying them out without harming them or causing scarring. A magical blend of ‘strike force’ ingredients help to penetrate the blemish and calm it within.


Iconic Youth Serum* at £34.50 for the full size and £20 for the half size (15ml) is definitely one of the most luxurious products I’ve ever used and is a very complex serum made up of 10 active ingredients at full concentration. All of the ingredients work together to make the skin appear more youthful and glowing, by reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. By using ‘smart ingredients’ such as Resistem, Chromocare and Venuceane the skin has a layer of protection whilst repairing and avoiding any further ageing.

Finally, I received a full size Luxury Facial Wash* that has definitely come handy this Halloween! It’s a creamy, thick cleanser that deeply cleanser every inch of your face whilst helping troubled skin. It doesn’t try the skin out at all and instead leaves it feeling perfected, soft and unclogged. It’s been my go-to cleanser all month long and at £14.50 for 100ml, it’s definitely not going anywhere soon.
100ml, £14.50

I had such a lovely time meeting such an incredible woman, the brand is truly a reflection of Maleka and I cannot wait to try more! Merumaya is available from John Lewis online, selected stores (including Sheffield!) and online at Merumaya.

Have you tried Merumaya before? What did you think?