Meadowhall’s Bloggers Breakfast.

The Meadowhall Bloggers Breakfast was the third event I’ve attended since blogging, and to be perfectly honest, the best one yet. Organised by Beth from The Modern Girl’s Guide, also Meadowhall Fashion and Beauty Advisor and MK Things Happen PR Agency, we all met up at 8am for Breakfast at Cafe Rizolli. Even though I work literally a couple doors down at Lush, I had never thought of eating there. No particular reason, but now I have a lot of reasons to go back. It was absolutely delicious! And drinking Prosecco at 8am is definitely something I would like to do again.
Meadowhall's Bloggers
Cafe Rizolli is Yorkshire’s first Prosecco bar and a fine example that there should be more. I opted for Salmon and Scrambled Eggs as it’s my favourite breakfast when eating out. Even though I was a little late to meet everyone, I instantly felt welcome, it was such a lovely group of bloggers! Afterwards we headed off to Lush for a skincare talk and to make our own face mask. Often at work, I get the chance to help others make a face mask but I’ve never got to take one home myself, not that it’s much different as Lush is all handmade, but it felt different to me and was a lovely change to the norm. We all got stuck in and made my favourite, Catastrophe Cosmetic, a blueberry face mask. We also had a play with the best invention ever, the Emotional Brilliance Wheel, I know I’m going on about Lush’s EB a lot lately, but that’s because I’m wearing it an awful lot lately. I’ve recently bought my second Perspective (a nude pink), after over a year with the first one. In the bottom right hand photo, I’m having a colour reading done. This is when you close your eyes and think of a blank room, when you open your eyes you pick the first 3 colours that stand out to you, and they tell you how you’re feeling in that moment. I got Control, Glamorous and I think Passionate? But I can’t quite remember or work it out from the photo. Either way, they’re nice things to feel, I’m just not used to being read, hence my slightly unimpressed face.
Meadowhall's Bloggers

I absolutely love meeting new bloggers as we always have so much in common, a couple of us also went shopping afterwards which resulted in a ridiculous MAC purchase. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling too well, probably after spending so much, and went home early. I’m also very excited for the plans for bloggers in Meadowhall, so you’ll definitely be seeing more from events soon! Speaking of which, one lucky mummy who dines at La Tasca Meadowhall and La Tasca Sheffield on Mother’s Day can win a Shopping Experience with me! See my previous post for more details, and I’m pleased to announce that Beth from The Modern Girl’s Guide will be getting involved also!

I can’t wait to see everyone again, be sure to go see their photos and thoughts on the event as well!

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