Meadowhall Ladies’ Night

This Ladies Night, Meadowhall invited along the bloggers from the last meetup there, and a couple others to review the night. Just like the Meadowhall’s Bloggers Breakfast, we started off in Rizzoli Prosecco Bar for a couple glasses of Prosecco and some wonderful tasting canapés. As always they were extremely friendly and gave amazing customer service, as well as the most delicious canapés I have ever tasted! I am yet to stop there before work, but after taking a closer look at their impressive cake display, it’s definitely on my immediate to do list. After hearing about last years Ladies’ night, I must confess that I was rather disappointed.

There seemed to be tonnes of discounts, free drinks (which I did get my fair share of), and lots of entertainment. However, being the naughty shopaholic that I am, I didn’t have enough to be spending too much in all the shops, so I was more interested in seeing all the demonstrations from the counters and shops instead. Which is where the night fell short for me. There may have been half naked men, and grannies on suitcases driving around, but I really wanted to write next month’s shopping list with all the new products that the counters were meant to be showing off. A lot of places claimed to be ‘fully booked’ whilst shuffling products around for the next 5 minutes, and others seem to avoid eye contact as a group of eager bloggers snapped pictures of them. Not at all the ‘pamper’ atmosphere that I was hoping for. Despite my negatively, there was an absolute darling of a lady from Crabtree and Evelyn who gave me a little hand pamper and made me laugh throughout!

After our Prosecco we were whisked off to see Amy Childs where we soon found out that we were meant to be interviewing her. Thankfully there were some quick thinkers amongst us and the confusion soon faded to us discovering her favourites in her new collection coming to Dorothy Perkins, as well as her favourite mascara (YSL) and that she is indeed bringing out plus sizes and even smaller sizes. Music to my ears as her dresses truly are beautiful. Afterwards, we were chaperoned to the UK’s First Polaroid Dress where we got involved by having our picture taken to be added onto the dress! We were then let to roam freely around Meadowhall and tried to talk to and picture as many stalls as possible, including Keihl’s where they had a special promotion of receiving a free hand cream if you tweet a picture next to their skeleton. I was going to dress up anyway, but the free hand cream made me seem strategic instead of eager to hold a wand and wear a pink, glittery cowboy hat.

My beautiful coworkers from Lush were also at the event sitting everyone down for amazing hand and arm pampers. I’ve recently discovered that throughout the night they did have a big queue of people waiting to be pampered! Which I’m not surprised seen as I did teach Aime, so I am taking full credit for her pampering skills.

Whilst waiting for everyone to make their purchases in Body Shop, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a picture with Jemma from Bamboozle Beauty and Lucy from Lucy Loves!

My favourite part of the night had to be the Pimms’o’clock stand where we got to try out all the hats we wanted and receive a free glass of Pimms too if we entered their competition to win a hotel and tickets to the races! My vain self was thrilled for another photo opportunity and jumped at the chance to see Becky from The Little Blog of Beauty‘s camera in action! I felt slightly Disney Villain with this gorgeous black and red hat and I definitely think it should become part of my everyday attire. Below you can see Lucy from Lucy Loves and Sophia from Mode Magazine.

Despite feeling disappointed over the beauty side of the night, the company definitely made it worth going and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event where I shall definitely be saving up to take full advantage of the night!

They’ll no doubt be more posts on the night as well as fun pictures from all the gorgeous bloggers who attended, so be sure to keep your eye on on their blogs below: