Maybelline’s ‘Great Lash’ mascara

The name for this mascara really is a complete lie, to put it bluntly. When you see the photo of the brush, you’d think it’d be bigger and more structured. But of course it’s probably the most cheap looking product I have ever used. I only bought the Maybelline’s ‘Great Lash’ mascara as Maybelline had a buy one get one half price offer on and I wanted some Dream Mousse to wear in the house. I definitely regret buying it.
maybelline great lash mascara
The mascara itself is a very light mixture, and although the picture may not look bad, that’s after curling the lashes, applying several layers and then blow drying my lashes upwards whilst still applying it. (Top tip from me, it works every time). I definitely won’t be repurchasing as it takes hundreds of layers to separate the lashes, relatively evenly. It coats some more than others, and has a very tiny brush in a traditional spiral. Another disappointing buy, which again makes me ask the question, why do I even try to stray from Max Factor?

Has anyone else tried it? Let me know what you think!