Max Factor’s Wild Mega Volume

Well as you’ve probably all noticed I absolutely love Max Factor’s mascaras. I own most of them, and now I’ve tried every single one. All with fantastic results.
When I found out they were bringing out a new mascara I was very pleased and excited. However, after seeing the £5 price tag I become a little weary, normally Max Factor’s mascaras are £10+ so I was wondering, seen as it’s half the price, is it half of the quality?
The brush does look a little cheaper than usual, as normally Max Factor’s brushes are very high quality and finely bristled. The new Wild Mega has a feathered brush with a curve in the middle. This didn’t make me feel optimistic about it, as I didn’t think I would have evenly coated lashes. HOWEVER, ignore all this doubt, as the second I started to put it on, I knew Max Factor had made yet another winner.
Max Factor's Wild Mega Volume.
The picture on the left is the very first coat. It’s very light and gives them a lot of volume, straight away one coat would do for the entire day. As it creates a nice natural look with healthy lashes. But instead I decided to add my normal amount to make my eyelashes look fuller and longer. I really like the results, although the lighting in my room was playing up, you can see they look much longer and thicker. It manages to even grab my very naughty little eyelash in the corner, that HATES to curl, so it just points out straight. I’m sure we all have that one disobedient lash, right? Nevertheless, Wild Mega pulled that little bitch up and coated it nicely.
Now with the ridiculous near to heatwave weather we’ve been having recently, my mascaras have been smudging and coming off under my eye, giving the impression that I’m either seriously tired, or I’ve been punched. Either way it’s not a good look. But even though I was just in the house whilst trying this, I left it on all day, and sweated constantly thanks to there being no breeze, it didn’t move at all. Which I can’t say happened for the rest of my makeup. I hate the summer.
£5 is just the promotion price right now happening in Boots and Superdrug, it will at some point go up to £6.99 but even then this is definitely a mascara to pick up for the summer, whether you want naturally long looking lashes, or a more dramatic look, I can tell this is going to be a new favourite.


Any new mascaras out there that have captured your eye?