Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara

It is always a good day when Max Factor bring out a new mascara. Although I wasn’t actually aware a new one was coming out, it was certainly a nice yet dangerous surprise when I was shopping just before payday. Max Factor never seem to disappoint me and this time is no exception. Max factors new Excess Volume is a double ended mascara, which normally I’m not too fond of as normally they’re just for show and aren’t very good, but instead of the stereotypical white and black ends, this one is both just a black mascara with different shaped brushes. The first end, extreme volume, is to lengthen and separate the lashes, and the second is to darken and thicken them.

Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara.


Once again, I apologise for my eyelashes right now, they’re still growing back from an unforeseen incident with some very cheap eyelashes curlers. However, despite that I feel the mascara has worked wonders, even on my broken lashes it’s really extended them beautifully. The second end of the mascara is a shape that I haven’t seen from max factor for a while, it’s slightly harsher and doesn’t separate them enough. A second coat of the number 1 is enough to reach a desired length and thickness, I felt that number 2 seemed to clog them up a little bit. That’s my only downside to the mascara though.Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara.

It does hold a massive 20 ml of mascara, which is double my other ones from different brands and other mascaras from Max Factor. Right now at Boots it’s £9.99 as an introductory offer but then it will be going up to £12.99, which is still a very reasonable price for it.UPDATE:
After wearing this the last couple days out and about, I’ve noticed that black has started to transfer underneath my eyes, which is incredibly annoying. Although it’s a really good mascara, I don’t think the formula is quite there yet and for that reason I’ve changed my mind completely. It didn’t seem to transfer when I was just in the house, but under air conditioning at work it has been a complete nightmare. I truly love Max Factor so negatively updating this is breaking my little heart, but we don’t always get everything right, finger’s crossed for next time!