March Favourites & MAC Cool Neutral Palette!

Not as many favourites this month as my Evening Skincare Routine listed pretty much most of them, that’s left us with this beautiful bunch, including the MAC Cool Neutral Palette. You’ve all been so patient waiting for me to review my MAC purchase after the Meadowhall Bloggers Breakfast last month, but it’s finally here, along with some other amazing products I’ve been loving this month.
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UniqOne Coconut.

This is the most gorgeous hair product I’ve ever used, it’s all all in one hair treatment that has 10 different purposes to combat against almost everything.

  1. Repairs dry and damaged hair
  2. Controls shine and frizz
  3. Protects from Heat
  4. Adds silkiness and smoothness
  5. HAIR COLOUR PROTECTION (the way to my heart) with UVA & UVB filters
  6. Easier brushing and ironing
  7. Incredible detangling
  8. Longer lasting hairstyles
  9. Split ends prevention
  10. Adds body
Now that alone is enough of a reason to buy it, but I can honestly safe that this is all completely true. It’s beyond believable! I forgot to use it the other day for work and my hair was the frizziest I’ve ever seen it, my curls dropped out and I was really uncomfortable. But every day that I have used this, my curls have stayed in, it’s looked glossy, I haven’t faded to a horrible ginger washout colour, and it’s been super easy to brush through. It also smells incredible.
It’s not the easiest to get a hold of as it’s in selected stores, or it’s on Amazon for £12.99. I did expect it to be a lot more expensive as it really does work like a luxury brand.
Revlon Professional Style Masters Memory Spray.*
It’s got to the point where I won’t go to work unless my hair is down and all curled, I don’t feel comfortable with my hair up anymore, this has meant that I’ve needed something to keep it in for longer shifts. Style Masters Memory Spray has a hold of 1/3 and adds shiny finish to your hair. This is so it can hold the look but it’s really flexible, meaning you can reshape your look later on in the day with ease. Something that most of us with curls want, there’s nothing worse than when your hair won’t recurl or move due to the product you’ve used.
You spray it on around 20cm away from your hair, like a normal spray, and then I’ll leave my hair for around 5 minutes until it’s completely dried and set my curls. Then I can run my fingers through them, or do any touch ups with ease. Like most hair products, this also smells amazing and thankfully doesn’t have a sticky texture!
For only £10.75 it’s a product everyone should try!
Soap and Glory 2 in 1 Mask & Peel.
I bought them over a month ago now but I’ve become obsessed with it. I’m unsure why it’s called a peel, as it doesn’t peel at all, but it feels incredible. It’s a deep cleansing mask that is meant to reduce pores. Honestly, I haven’t noticed much difference with that, but it does make my face feel super clean and tighter. It also prevents breakouts and helps to clear them up with it’s Rice micro bead exfoliation.
Currently only £6.67 at Boots!

SmashBox Photofinish PrimerI am obsessed with Smashbox lately, after spending a ridiculous amount of time and money at the Smashbox counter in my local boots for Mother’s Day, their primers have become my life. Currently I used Photofinish and the Hydrating Under-eye Primer every day. Although it’s too soon for me to review the other, Photofinish is a product I’ve been using on my oily skin for years. I tend to over powder a lot of the time to compensate for my oiliness, but Smashbox mattifies my skin without drying it out, and if I was to leave the powder at home, my skin would look flawless and natural dewy by the end of the day. At £25 it’s a little bit of a splurge, but if you have oily skin, it’s oil free and perfect for us.

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama

As previously mentioned in my Mother’s Day Treats post, this mascara looked incredible on the MUA who was doing my makeup, so I had to buy it. I can confirm that it is absolutely amazing. It can easily go clumpy though, which means you have to be very careful and use a dry, clean, brush. Alternatively, if you’ve ever see my How to Make your Eyelashes Look Longer post, you’ll know that I sometimes use a hair dyer to curl and extend my lashes whilst applying mascara. This works fantastically with Lancôme Hypnôse Drama as it means your lashes separate evenly and the product is distributed evenly too.

MAC Cool Neutral Palette

Finally, the pièce de résistance of my March Favourites is this gorgeous palette. With 15 shades that would usually cost £12.50 each, this palette is easily priced over £200. However, it’s in stores and online for £65, an absolute steal. I couldn’t resist it when the bloggers from Meadowhall Meetup and I went shopping. They all encourage me to buy it and I’m incredibly grateful. I always wear matte browns on my eyes and I really wanted to try something different, which I have been doing, and I love it. The shades are in order as the come in the palette,
Flounce (M)/ Sweet Allure (S)/ Sun Tweaked (F)/ After Dusk (VXP)/ Blackberry (M)
Pick me up (M)/ Cozy Grey (M)/ Crushed Clove (F)/ Deception (F)/ Brun (S)
Silver Fog (L)/ French Clay (F)/ Cumulus (F)/ Pearled Earth (VXP)/ Black Tied (V).
As you can see there are a mix of finishes.

MAC Cool Neutral Palette

I haven’t used many MAC eyeshadows before to know which ones are new and which are repeats but I did find a helpful post on Hyacinth Girl’s blog which explains what the finishes are (if you didn’t know already, VXP confused me) and which ones are new/repeats.

What do you think of my favourites this month? Are there any you have tried?

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