Maleficent Wish List

If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, or follow me on Twitter, you may have guessed that I am indeed ridiculously excited over the new Maleficent movie. It’s only a few days away which means my online shopping travels have taken me far and wide in search of new Maleficent merchandise, and I managed to find so much that I thought I would do a ‘Maleficent Wish List’. But I didn’t go too over the top as I definitely want an authentic Maleficent outfit, complete with horns, however, I’ve picked more realistic and everyday items which means I wouldn’t get too many strange looks if I was to wear/use these things in public.
So, without further ado….
Maleficent Wish List


As I said, pretty practical things, right? Not to mention, amazing gifts for any age! The first being from Etsy is a Maleficent Victorian Cameo Necklace, for just £4.88, that has a gorgeous vintage look to it, making it very wearable with pretty much every outfit. I also liked the same necklace with Aurora on it too.
The Mug and notepad are both available on the Disney Store Website and I imagine that this will be the merchandise coming into stores soon (I work really close to one so it will be my second home).
The makeup/pencil case type bag is also from Etsy which I thought was a really modern and subtle way to bring Disney into your everyday life without it causing too much attention, plus it’s only £6.10. Finally from my little collage is the Maleficent doll, several versions have been realised and I imagine they will all be available in store soon as well.

Of course, I didn’t stop there. I’m not planning on adding to my room with this beautiful display of Disney Villains, because everyone loves a good villain, right? A classy way to have Disney in your house without it being too ‘in your face’ as the bright colours in disney normally are. This is by an amazing shop on Etsy where you can get pretty much every Disney character! These 5 posters all together are £30.51! Definitely one to check out if you’re looking to add a little something special in a room.


I’m off to see the film on Wednesday where I’ll be in Meadowhall having a makeup lesson from Dior to review for the Ladies Night Event happening on the 29th! You can see my immediate thoughts on the film on my Twitter @GeorginaGrogan_ but no doubt I’ll do another post on it!