Male Grooming Recommendations for Father’s Day, With Nip + Fab

The only problem with posts for Father’s or Mother’s day is that my parent’s are probably my most loyal readers, and have definitely read every single post, which makes things difficult….. As much as I’d love to photograph what I’ve actually bought my Dad for Father’s Day, I cannot because that would ruin my presents completely and there’s no way of telling him not to read my blog. However, don’t think I’m letting you down at all as instead, I have male grooming products that I think any dad would absolutely love. Male Grooming seems to be a bit of a trend recently, not in the way that men have only just started taking care of themselves, but in the sense that now it’s so popular and even if the men in your life weren’t that into it before, they probably are now.


I’m not complaining, I absolutely love men who know about their products, use them and want to try everything. Whilst working in Lush I found it absolutely amazing when the boys were more interested in how everything worked than some of the young girls and they are so keen to get stuck in. Which is why every time we pass a shop, I make sure to take Alfie in and he soaks up all the attention and knowledge. That does mean that whenever he spots new products on my review shelf, he dives straight in. I can’t complain too much, it means I get a full review on male products from a man, so without any further delay…





Although this is a recommendation for Father’s Day, Alfie got there first with this one and has been trialling the body washes from ‘This Company’, we both laughed at the name. This simplistic shower gel that is set to ‘seduce’ the World with its take on fragrance, which as This Company describes, is down to the molecule. Escentric 01 arrived through the door in this striking purple bottle and it smells incredible. With ingredients from the Himalayas and Andès, the main ingredient being Energen, you can tell there’s been a lot of thought into this product as they haven’t exactly sourced from the bottle of their garden. The Energen is in the product as it helps do quite a few things, such as moisturising the body whilst cleaning it and leaving you energised and smelling gorgeous. It’s more of a body oil rather than a body wash but it’s a welcomed change as that just makes it feel so soft on the skin.
It’s available at Harvey Nichols.
There’s always a little Nip + Fab on my blog, I absolutely love the brand, but one thing I have never heard about is if any of the men’s range, Nip + Man, is any good. I mean packaging wise, it’s pretty much spot on for Nip + Fab as it’s definitely eye catching and appealing to any gender. I love with products now that they really explain themselves on the actual packaging, as opposed to having to read the box or the website to understand it. So, what did Nip + Man send over for my Dad?
After Shave Power Lotion, 100ml at £7.95
A post-shave lotion that aids recovery and helps to calm down razor irritation by healing any dry skin. The formulation is cooling which helps to prevent inflammation, whilst moisturising and soothing at the same time. It contains menthyl lactate cools and caffeine energises, they both speak for themselves with what they do.
nip + man products
Scrubbing Facial Wash, 150ml at £7.95
Everyone loves a good scrub and why should men be different? This scrub energises whilst deep cleaning the skin. Not only is it exfoliating but it’s also hydrating and therefore, fights skin dryness with the retexturing, soothing and moisturising ingredient of papaya and caffeine to energise.
Turbo Face Wash, 150ml at £7.95
Another energising formulation but a little gentler to ensure a good clean and that the skin is left refreshed. Moisturising is key here so this contains black quinoa and brightening caffeine to help dull skin, or skin that may be a little tired.
Finally, an odd one….Power Workout Fix, 50ml at £9.95
Described as ‘your ultimate workout accessory’, this is a muscle warming serum that as Alfie found out from playing swiper no swiping (dora the explorer reference, and yes, I am 20), actually does burn a little. It’s meant to help ‘destress’ the body and sooth tired muscles. We think it works by bringing the blood to the surface, as it turns your skin rather red. It contains ginger oil to revive and vanillyl for a long lasting warming effect.
What have you bought this Father’s Day?This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated. For more details, read my disclaimer here.