Making a Statement with Navabi – Manon Baptiste

If you follow me on Twitter (@GeorginaGrogan_), you may have seen that I was invited to a photoshoot last week. I haven’t done any shoots in over a year, as I haven’t had the best experiences (which you can read about here) and I’ve simply not been well enough. As it was a beauty shoot, we needed to take our own clothes and the brief was either bold, non-patterned clothes, or hues of blacks and greys. Once upon a time my wardrobe was bulging of black, plain clothes, but now, it’s full of mostly statement pieces. Bold patterns, bright colours, different textures, I LOVE my wardrobe, and as stressful as it was to find something plain to wear, it was quite a nice feeling knowing how much my wardrobe confidence has changed.  This post really does show that too, as I’m making a statement with Navabi, Manon Baptiste!

Statement with Navabi

I really love Navabi, and especially Manon Baptiste, but more often than not, more expensive clothing seems to not be in styles that I like. I do try different things from time to time, but I’ve tried enough now to know what truly suits me, and I feel more confident in those items. I often find that higher end items have higher necklines, and so I find myself looking older, frumpier, and generally not very me.

However, this time it was completely different! The Ruffle Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress from the Manon Baptiste range really surprised me. At £119 (reduced from £149) it’s also one of the more affordable pieces I’ve tried from Manon too.  It’s currently sold out in most sizes in turquoise but it’s available in a couple more in the pink. I sized up to a 24, as I always do with anything from Navabi. I’ve had a wrap dress from them before that wouldn’t have been decent to wear outside, whereas this one had a lot more material and I was fully covered.

Statement with NavabiStatement with NavabiStatement with Navabi


It’s a stretchy jersey material which makes it very comfortable to wear, and adjust. I did have to pin the top as the V-neck was a little too revealing and I didn’t want any accidents, but a simple pin kept it in place perfectly. I’m really glad I sized up as it meant the shoulder seams sat perfectly, the cut outs look great, and the little extra material kept me feeling really secure. I think it’s such a beautiful colour and with how bright my new hair is, it’s definitely an outfit to stand out in.

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I was also trying out my new camera lens for these photos, we definitely need more practise but let me know what you think!

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  • Ooooh GG this is absolutely gorgeous on you, I love the ruffles!

  • Jo Stephens

    What a gorgeous colour, love it with the red hair! Mine is red too and I love a colour that stands out against it 🙂