Getting Ready for Halloween with Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette!

It seems like Makeup Revolution are bringing out a new product each and every day lately and they are getting better and better. I was recently sent the new Makeup Revolution Salvation Colour Chaos Palette* which already being called a dupe for Urban Decay’s Electric Palette. However, despite it’s many similarities there are also quite a few differences. For example the Makeup Revolution Palette is A LOT cheaper and yet it has more colour variety. The colour choices are mainly shimmers with a couple mattes thrown in for good measure. It covers most eyes from subtle day looks to even Halloween brights. So far I’ve used it just about nearly every day and I’ve even created a Halloween Look with it as well as some more daytime wearable looks too.
 Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette, halloween makeup, blonde wig, georgina grogan makeup artist
 The pigments are absolutely incredible. Often I’ve found that with dark shimmers they lose their pigment to the shimmer, however the dark purple, dark green and dark blue in this palette are more pigmented than I have ever seen. I recently created this ‘scary’ Halloween look, which comes across as a little Lady Gaga to me. I a lot of the scared to help create the dimension of the colours. The bright pinks, purples and blues all blended together wonderfully to give the effect that I wanted.
(If you want to know anything else that I used then you can check out my Instagram).
 Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette, georgina grogan, makeup artist
I’ve also created a couple looks with just the too purple colours, white and the nude pink for a more wearable yet very bright eye. I find that the colours work beautifully together and blend perfectly. I’ve even managed to dint a couple from using them so much already! (Again more details on this look can be found on @GeorginaGrogan_
 Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette
The Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in my eyes is a lot better than the Urban Decay Electric as it’s better value for money, more colours and it’s easier to transport with it’s own (decent sized) mirror inside. The colours are also amazing at staying in place without smudging or losing their pigment. At only £6 it is definitely the perfect palette to pick up if you’re wanting to experiment with colours a little more. I rarely wear bright colours for the day time but this has really inspired me to just go for it and mix a couple colours together. You could even just try adding a hint of colour with their nude pink and slowly working your way into the colour world of the Salvation Colour Chaos Palette.  I’ve only seen good reviews about this product and I have to confirm that I don’t doubt a single one. Makeup Revolution are taking the blogging world by storm and they’re not something to miss out on. There’s even more new products on the way so be sure to keep an eye out on their ever updated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or keep refreshing their website, Makeup Revolution.
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