Makeup Revolution November Newbies

Every single Makeup Revolution post I do starts with me declaring my love for them, and this is no exception. It’s absolutely ridiculous how many products there are on the market for stupidly high prices that aren’t as good as Makeup Revolution’s products, which are literally a fraction of the price. This week I was sent Makeup Revolution’s new products for November. If you haven’t noticed already, the range is expanding rapidly with several products coming out every week, or so it seems.
The last batch of new products were actually featured on a Halloween Tutorial with Makeup Revolution where I created a female version of Disney’s Hercules. They included some amazing felt eyeliners and eyebrow pencils that I haven’t been able to put down. The  Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin, at £3.50 has definitely become my favourite liner and it’s great if you have a steady hand as you can literally create whatever shape. Equally as good for people who are newer to eyeliner, as it’s just like drawing a line. I’ve also been enjoying the Brow Dual Ultra Brow Arch & Shape Medium, at £3.50, which creates soft but bold brows, whilst allowing you to feather in natural looking hairs. Below I am wearing both with the new Viper Mascara at just £3. It’s not the best mascara I’ve ever used but it definitely made a bold eye and is fantastic for bottom lashes. I imagine this mascara to be much better on top of others to really blacken and intensify them.
Makeup Revolution November new products
Other new November releases include this beautiful Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Golden Sugar at £6. It has mostly shimmers with one matte colour to warm the skin, it’s a little too warm to contour with but it’ll definitely add depth. The first colour is a little too silver to use for anything other than an eye highlight but the other colours are simply heavenly. My favourite is definitely the dusky pink which is so flattering on most skin types. I’ve even packed up this palette for London, as I know I’m going to get a lot of use from it! Despite being a little bulky, the pigments and diversity of the palette definitely make it worth the little extra weight of carrying it around. I do apologise for the terrible swatches, I couldn’t quite get the colours to show up with how beautiful they really are.
makeup revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Golden Sugar
makeup revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Golden Sugar
Two new type of products are The One Fluid Blusher -Malibu Ocean, and The One Fluid Blusher -Pink Dew both at £3. I wanted to love these products but any cream/liquid blush products are just a no go for my oily skin. I found the blushers to be quite watery and they actually separate in the bottles a lot. Unless you know how to get the best out of these, I’m not particularly a fan and I won’t be reaching for them any time soon as they require too much shaking, blending and patience.
One thing I did quite like the sound of was the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint-Medium at £3, instead of a tint coming with a brush, like a brow mascara, this one you have to put the product onto an empty palette, or the back of your hand, and use your own applicator. It does meant that you waste a little product every time, but it’s definitely a great idea for makeup kits, where you don’t want to contaminate anything, or if you prefer your own brushes/technique.
Makeup Revolution November New Products
In contrast to the slight negativity, I am now obsessed with the Ultra All Day prime and anti-shine balm at £5. I applied it just before bulk taking fashion post photos, and as we had a lot to get through, I needed something that would last, so I thought it would be the perfect test. Despite getting quite hot, numerous clothes changes and being under lights/flash a lot, it was amazing. My makeup looked like I had just finished applying it, and not that I had already had it on for over two hours. Normally my face does tend to melt, so this thick balm really surprised me. My face also looked poreless, which is definitely a welcomed change from my usual porezilla self.
makeup revolution iconic dreams
makeup revolution iconic dreams
The Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes are now in my daily life. I use them constantly and wear them everywhere, everyday. They’re fantastic quality at an amazing price. The new Iconic Dreams at £4 is no exception. It’s a mix of mattes and shimmers that are perfect to create that everyday eye. I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly dramatic palette, so I wouldn’t use it at night or for events unless I mixed in other palettes too. At £4 you really cannot go wrong and the colours are, as always, incredibly pigmented.
Seen as this has turned into a Makeup Revolution master post again, I may as well throw in the Blush sticks which also came out last month. I used these in a different Halloween tutorial and therefore didn’t write up a full post on them. However, they’ve been so popular that I just had to have my say on them. There’s no doubt that the blush sticks are stunning colours and fantastically pigmented, and even on oily skin, they’re fine to use. They’re quite chalky meaning they won’t add too much moisture to your skin. The pigments are very easy to blend in and the first time I used them was on camera, where I added far too much thinking they were not as pigmented as they are. Thankfully, with a lot of blending I managed to make it look fairly natural, but I would definitely say less is more with these. Everyone is raving at them for being dupes of very expensive products, so they’re definitely worth looking into.
makeup revolution, the one blush sticks
makeup revolution, the one blush sticks
The One Blush Stick in Matte Pink, Matte Dream, Matte Malibu, Pink, Dream, Malibu, Matte Rush, and Rush, all are £5 each.
I definitely prefer the matte colours as the shimmers seem a little rough on the skin and they don’t really blend as easily.

I seem to have mixed opinions on the new products, but just because they’ve not all worked for me, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to love them. At such affordable prices, it’s definitely worth checking out Makeup Revolution and seeing what you think.Have you picked up anything new lately?

*All products have been sent to review