Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brushes!

When I first heard that Makeup Revolution were launching makeup brushes I became extremely excited. They have basically stormed into the beauty world and dominated it with their affordable dupes and incredibly high performance products. Therefore, I imagined these brushes would be just as amazing and obviously with their track record, I’m not wrong. The brushes are indeed incredible and perfect for every day use. They remind me a lot of the MUA brushes, but they’re softer, in places more thought out and overall, better, for basically the same price. After trying them constantly since they landed on my door step, I have definitely found a new few favourites amongst them. I should point out that all of the brushes are animal friendly and synthetic, just before we get started…..
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brushes, georgina grogan
Pro F101 Foundation Brush, £3.00.
For anyone that knows me personally, or has ever asked, I hate these types of brushes. I find that product becomes streaky with them and that they absorb too much. However, with the Makeup Revolution brushes being synthetic, they’re amazing with liquids. Above I applied my foundation (I was using Makeup Aterlier Paris primer and foundation, coming to the blog soon!) with the brush and it applied thickly, evenly and with the brush being a little denser than most, it blended fairly nicely. Obviously with a foundation brush you still need to go in and blend a couple lines, but it’s probably the best one I’ve ever used.
Pro F102 Concealer Brush, £1.95.
I always end up using these types of brushes for anything but concealer, but I tried using it for the intended purpose, and it’s pretty darn good. At placing product that is and cleaning/neatening around eyebrows/lips, it’s not the best at under eye concealer or actually blending the concealer in, finger tips are still best for that.
Pro F103 Stippling Brush, £3.00.
It’s not a secret that I absolutely despise stippling brushes, but, and that’s a big but, I don’t hate this one. It’s not as thin and sparse as other brushes I’ve tried and although I still don’t comprehend why people like them so much, I rather enjoy using this for a light dusting of highlighter. A very surprising brush.
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brushes
Pro E101 Eyeshadow Brush, £1.95.
A pretty straight forward and essential brush for placing a block colour or glitter onto the eyes. I’ve been using this constantly to add the gold to my smokey eye looks when I’m using the Naked Chocolate Palette from Makeup Revolution to create the most eye capturing looks and this brush is so perfect for doing that.
Pro F105 Contour Brush, £3.
Pretty much everyone has tried one of these brushes by now, they’re not my favourite contour brushes but they definitely get the job done as long as you know your angles and use it properly. I’ve definitely gone back to it because of how soft it is though and easy to use.
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brushes


Pro F104 Powder Brush, £3.75.
Normally cheaper powder brushes leave my foundation cakey and not very attractive at all, however, with how soft this brush is, and my favourite Collection powder, my under eyes have been setting beautifully. I do prefer my powder brushes to be a little rounder, but this brush works perfectly if you pat down and don’t rub it all over.
Pro E102 Eyeshadow Contour Brush, £1.95.
I find this brush ridiculously easy to create a smokey eye with, it blends beautifully and spreads the product really evenly. Another essential brush.
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Brushes
Pro E103 Eyeshadow Blending Brush, £1.95.
My favourite blending brushes of all is the MUA Blending Brushes, but once again Makeup Revolution have taken over. This brush is extremely similar but it is a little shorter and more accurate at placing product. It blends like a dream and is definitely my new favourite, I recommend buying at least 3 as they’re perfect to ensure your eyeshadow is always blended properly.
Pro E104 Eyebrow Brush, £1.50.
For most people, this is going to be an absolutely amazing brush if you use powders on your brows. For pomades, it’s just a little too thick and long to create those perfect lines. I still managed but it did take a lot more clean up than usual. It hasn’t shot up to my favourite eyebrow brush, but I’m definitely going to be using it on more natural powder brow days.
Makeup Revolution’s new brushes add up to around £22.00, but you can now buy the full collection at just £20! I couldn’t recommend the brushes more and I look forward to doing my makeup with them, basically every day.

Are you going to be buying the new brushes?

*All sent for review as Makeup Rev absolutely spoil me and I love them.

  • This looks like such a well thought out set and I can’t believe how good value it is!!

    Jess xo

  • daisy walters

    I’m going to get some on payday!! And I can’t wait!!!!!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  • They’re so cheap! I never tried many of the MUA brushes but I loved their eyebrow brush, which is constantly out of stock. Going to try this one and see how it compares! x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  • I couldn’t wait for this post to go up, I was pretty excited when I found out these brushes had launched and it sounds like they may just live upto the hype. I definitely like the sound of the eyeshadow brushes.l may have to stock up on those..
    Natasha Paris x | natashaparisblog

  • Such a gorgeous girl, I think you could write about laundry detergent and I’d still read it

  • Your eye makeup is gorgeous here. Might have to give these brushes a try!

  • Your make-up is amazing! I wish I was that good 🙁

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  • bloggingthroughthemirror

    The disclaimer made me laugh so much haha!!

    Fab post hun it was brilliant

  • Love that disclaimer haha! I’ve never tried anything from Make-up Revolution, I guess I’m late to the party!! haha x

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  • Kate Musgrove

    Your makeup though, it looks absolutely flawless. I expect no less but the best from MUR, despite how they are everything always lives up and beyond the price quality wise. I can’t get over how soft they are either x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  • I’ve picked up a few of these – looking forward to seeing how they compare with elf’s, which are a similar price point 🙂 especially looking forward to using the contour eyeshadow brush for smokey eyes! xx

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  • Leigh

    These look like pretty decent brushes and for £20 I might as well get the whole set. I am really loving Makeup Revolution products and the prices can’t really be beaten.

  • So glad you reviewed these, I know what I am buying as soon as this spending ban is over!!

  • Kaiesha Ceryn Page

    These look so pretty. I need to get on this make-up forever band wagon!

    Kay, x

  • its nice to see afforadable brushes that actually work, i like the pink wooden handle set too mostly though

  • Rachel Charlton-Dailey

    Gosh I need these brushes

    • Guest

      all are great.
      tried them today (ultra sculpt and blend collection) and are soooo great.
      better than MAC.

  • Leoncina

    Can you tell me if the brush E103 is similar to the Zoeva 227?

    • I wouldn’t know hun, never tried it

    • Guest

      Yes,that s right,it s for blending.

  • The brushes sound amazing!

  • I was actually considering buying them and this review really convinced me to do that. They sound amazing and I’m very excited!

  • Guest

    All the brushes are amazing!

  • Ilona Kasprzycka

    I love Makeup Revolution <3
    All the brushes are fantastic!

    Best wishes, Ilona :*