Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas!

Random parcels from Makeup Revolution containing some of their latest products always make my day. It’s been quite a whilst since I reviewed anything from their lip collection so I was incredibly excited to receive the new Lip Lavas! As I’ve previously mentioned, I don’t know too much about high end makeup, but as with most of Makeup Revolution’s collection, these are also dupes. If you’ve ever wanted to try the Too Face Melted lipsticks then you may want to give these a go first. At just £2.99 apparently they work exactly the same, but I can’t vouch for that, instead, I can just tell you what they’re actually like.
Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas!
The pigments of the Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas are incredible, I would never expect a £3 liquid lipstick to be so bright and colourful. Unfortunately for me the texture was a little too sticky and glossy, as I much prefer my matte lips. The colours leak easily and can easily smudged if you aren’t too careful and put too much on. The liquid lipsticks act as a stain so even when a little is applied, the colour still lasts pretty well and they are incredibly build-able if you want a really strong, bold, glossy lip.
Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas!
I was really surprised by the colours as from their tubes as they were a little different and I really didn’t expect to like certain shades. Tremor’s tube looked like it was going to be a dark pink and I thought it would be the perfect nude for me, but in reality, it was a very pale and bright pink, which didn’t really suit my complexion and hair at all. I imagine on somebody blonde this would look pretty incredible though.
Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas!
I never thought I would put on a bright orange lipstick like Unleash and actually like it, but here I am. I felt like a mermaid with this bright orange on and I definitely think I’m going to attempt to rock it in Summer.
Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas!
Shockwave was a colour that I thought I would love, but it was just too pink and not enough purple for my complexion. Again for blondes, this will look amazing or bold brunettes of course.
Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas!
Firestorm makes me want to scream of happiness, it’s just so beautiful, the perfect red. If this came in a matte colour that didn’t move all day, I would wear it constantly. It’s just too sticky, but for pictures or fun days inside (as wind will be an enemy) it’s perfect.
Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas!
Forgiven is the colour that I really didn’t expect to like or suit me, but I found it working really well as a subtle daytime look. It just makes me feel pretty!

You can even get the Full 5 Lip Lava Collection for the price of 4 at only £11.96! What do you think to the new Lip Lavas?

*Makeup Revolution sent these for review and now I wear their makeup every single day! PS – Made an effort with my pictures and now every little hair on my face has shown, I’m not bothered, so neither should you be.

  • They all look lovely on you! I think my favourites are Tremor & Unleash, hopefully I’ll be able to grab some for myself 🙂

    Frankie x

  • Jemma

    These look so amazing!
    Every shade looks great on

  • I really love these shades! I surprisingly love “forgiven” too because it’s quite different to anything i’ve seen. Will definitely try and grab some of these to try on my next drugstore haul 🙂 x

  • Mary Ann

    Firestorm and Shockwave are my favourites!! They look amazing!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  • These look great! Such a bargain too!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  • These are gorgeous colours. Especially the Forgiven, I am loving the nude lip looks at the moment!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  • Bee

    Stunning! I was THIS close to picking up a couple of Too Faced melted lipsticks last week but spending £40 two lipglosses didn’t feel right! It’s so hard finding the I love Makeup products in the flesh though – oddly I was able to track down the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints in Beauty Base – they’re pretty much the same!

    The Beauty Locker

  • Kate Musgrove

    You literally suit every shade. I definitely need to pick up a few of these x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  • I really hate that you can pull every colour off haha, so jealous! As soon as I click onto your blog I just have the most incredible face envy, it’s not even like jealously of a certain aspect of your face – you’re just gorgeous!

    I’ll stop before I continue and make myself look like a weirdo stalker.

    p.s truth be known we all have furry faces, don’t worry haha

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Though more prone to a matte lip, I’ll admit I was swayed by these! I’m currently waiting Firestorm and Forgiven and, by the swatches it looks like I made the right choice my red headed friend (though they all are pretty lovely!).

    Rambling of a Beauty Blogger