For years for all of our little questions we’ve ended up at some kind of Yahoo Answers/Wiki Answers page, but wouldn’t it be amazing if there was one, but just for beauty and fashion written by experts? Well, there is! Makeoverly is a unique and innovative, question and answer website that is written by makeup journalists, bloggers, makeup artists, which means you’re going to get the very best answers from experts who know what they’re doing and have plenty of experience.


When first going onto the Makeoverly site you immediately feel like you want to read EVERYTHING. There’s so many eye catching posts with beautiful photos and all the questions we’ve been wanting the answers to for years! The design is easy to navigate meaning you can sign up to be a VIP, where you can receive the newest answers and articles directly to your mailbox. Right now it’s only American contributors as it’s still pretty new. But if you do live in America then you can apply to write for Makeoverly or even just search for beauty jobs in America on their job board. As well as finding out more about the beauty world there are endless opportunities on Makeoverly. There are all different sections for beauty and fashion, even for the most popular posts and spotlight answers, which means you can browse throughout the tips and advice articles without actually wanting anything specific.

As well as giving 400-700 word long answers, by professionals that know what they’re talking about, products are also recommended for the different questions. This makes fixing any problem even easier as you immediately know where to look and what to look for. One of my favourite posts has to be ‘What’s the difference between BB and CC creams?‘, as before that, I really had no idea what they meant or did! But now, not only do I know what the are, I want them both and there’s a list of their recommendations. I’m spoilt for choice. They even have a live chat for any burning questions, although it’s only a limited time, or if you’d like a longer response you can submit your own questions.

Overall, I can only see this site getting bigger and better. With fantastic and original content, easy navigation and professional advice, what’s not to love!? If you end up checking out Makeoverly, let me know what you thought in the comments.