Make Up Academy MUA Haul

Make Up Academy (MUA) is one of my favourite brands for amazing quality products, at a outstandingly low price. Lately I’ve been thinking how I usually stick to what I know with colours, textures, and products, so I wanted to try something new. The great thing about shopping with MUA is that you could fill your basket of pretty much anything and everything you want, and it’s still a reasonable price. Recently, I made an order that I’ve already been using to create different looks, including a trial run of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent!
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The full list of products used for this look are on my IG (@GeorginaGrogan_). Including The MUA Mosaic Powder Sunkissed Glow (£2.50), which I use to contour as it has beautiful shades which you can use separately with a smaller brush, or swirl together for a dark pink blush. And the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder (£3.00) which can be very difficult to find due to how amazing it is. If you haven’t used this before, you need it in your life. It’s the perfect highlighter for oily skin, or if you’re not too confident with blending them. Just grab a clean brush and swipe it across your cheek bones and brow bones, it’s as easy as that. The consistency means it blends out evenly without looking over done. I also got these amazing products….
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I’ve already got most of the brushes from MUA, and they’re amazing! The Eyeshadow Blending Brush (£1.95) is my absolute favourite, I now own 4 of them. I decided to try out the Eyeshadow Contour Brush which is brilliant for place the product exactly where you want it. Their Blusher & Contour Brush (£3.00) is also a very high quality for the price, it cuts into the hollows of cheeks perfectly. The last brush I bought was a basic necessity at £1.50, their Eyebrow with Brush Comb.

MUA cosmetics blusher, highlighter and cream blushers
Sunkissed Glow, Natural Glow, English Rose, Undress me highlighter, Lush and yummy.

Cream blushers aren’t something I normally use, with quite oily skin, I don’t want to add more moisture. However, they’re perfect for when I’m doing other people’s makeup, so I bought two of the most common shades, pink and browny/orange, called ‘Lush’ and ‘Yummy’. At £2 each, who can say no!? I also picked up a couple more of the Mosaic Blushers as I couldn’t resist the colours ‘Natural Glow’ and ‘English Rose’, they’d be perfect for any occasion.
Finally, after hearing about how good their lipsticks are I decided to grab a couple myself. Totally Nude and Scarlett Siren, both are not as pigmented as I imagined, however their normal lipsticks (which are all £1) are beautifully pigmented. I picked up Shade 3, a bright pink, Shade 16 Nectar, a delightful orange and finally Shade 2, a light purple.

MUA cosmetics lipsticks
Totally Nude, Scarlett Siren, Shade 3, Shade 16 and Shade 2.
So, what do you think of MUA Cosmetics?