Make Your Own Sheet Masks with Gearbest Face Mask Machine!

I am utterly THRILLED my this machine, thrilled. The Gearbest Facemask Machine is quite honestly one of the most exciting things I have ever been given to review. I had my mum, brother and his girlfriend all involved in making the first face mask as it was quite honestly that exciting.

It’s actually on offer right now for $79 (£60) from $197 (£150)! A massive discount which will end up saving you a fortune as you can quite literally put in whatever you want. It comes with a pack of collagen tablets, you simply add one into the machine, with a set amount of water and then add in whatever else you want. It’s meant to be fruit juice but when you practice a little, I’d get creative and colourful. Essential oils and Hyaluronic Serum spring to mind and I’d try and recreate your favourite sheet masks.

Gearbest Face Mask Machine Gearbest Face Mask Machine

The process is actually really fun, the machine looks beyond weird and sounds weird too. I hope you can see from the photos how simple it is to line up and how the face mask comes out of the machine after it’s finished cooking. It will be HOT when it comes out so be careful. It literally takes a couple minutes to cool down and then you’re ready to go.

Be sure to follow the instructions properly as we didn’t add quite enough water and that mean that the face mask was thinner in places and you definitely don’t want that. We did have to request a UK adapter plug as it’s a very strange plug indeed.

I really don’t have anything negative to say about this at all. It really works, and it works well. The face masks that come out of it are amazing, it’s really easy to clean, very low maintenance and a very exciting machine.

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