Magnitone Barefaced, Is It Worth The Hype?

One of my keywords on my blog is most likely ‘rough scrub’ because I always talk about how much I love one. On my face, on my body, feet, back, everywhere, I’m such a huge lover of exfoliators, I spend a fortune on them, I have several on the go at the same time, and I can tell instantly if I’m going to like one or not. A couple months ago I was asked if I wanted to try out the new Magnitone Barefaced and even though I know I always forget to use cleansing devices like these, I do love a good exfoliators so I couldn’t resist. However, the new Magnitone really didn’t live up to my expectations, especially as I seriously loved the first magnitone brush I used a couple of years ago.

This new Magnitone Barefaced design is completely waterproof making it more convenient than ever, it uses a combination of pulsed vibrations and sonic oscillations than cleanse, tone, and massage all at the same time. It has a timer which means you only spend 20 seconds on each section of your face before moving on, this is so you don’t overdo it and so you ensure you use it long enough for a deep cleanse.

Magnitone BarefacedMagnitone Barefaced

In your box you get a wireless USB charger, a see-through bag to keep it in, a brush head, MyMagnitone membership, and it comes with 12 month warranty. I think the 12 month warranty is amazing, especially as it’s a £70 product. I always feel more comfortable buying things when they have a decent warranty on them. The device only comes with one brush head, I’m not sure which head it comes with, but I’m assuming the soft and sensitive one.

So you’re probably wondering why I don’t love this one like I did the older version? Well the brush head is shorter, and I think that is what’s making it not as exfoliating. I could barely feel this on my skin and I’ve tried it with some of my favourite products. I know you shouldn’t use a really harsh brush on your skin, but for a deep exfoliation once a week, that’s exactly what I want. I think I might benefit from buying an exfoliating brush head instead, as a lot of my favourite products give me a deeper exfoliation on their own.

I’m not ready to give up on it, but if you do like something rougher and to be able to physically feel the results, you’ll definitely need a different head.

Fancy trying one out for yourself? Head over to the Magnitone website.

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