M2Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum Set

Having naturally long and thick eyelashes, I never thought I would need a lash serum in my life. However, after recently trying out Priori’s to help with my accidental lash scalping, I’ve realised I actually depend on it and I can’t live without one. For the past month I have been testing M2Beaute’s Eyelash Activating Serum* every single night and I have noticed a quite incredible improvement to how they look with mascara, as well as without.

M2Beaute’s Eyelash Activating Serum stimulates the root of the lashes which encourages them to grow faster and longer, but it also helps create thicker and stronger lashes. I keep on describing my lashes as ‘fluttery’, as there just seems to be a lot more of them and they’re definitely noticeably thicker. Application is pretty simple as you apply it like everyday eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, on clean skin and then sleep with it on overnight. Results can be seen around 6 weeks in but the best results are around the 16th week, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. The serum comes in at 5 ml for €120.00, or £98. It contains a lash activating ingredient called MDN which promotes the natural growth of eyelashes and Vitamin B7 that delays the natural shedding of lashes and strengthens them. It also contains Hyaluronic acid which keeps lashes looking and feeling healthy, Prodew 300 that retains and absorbs moisture and finally Hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans (try saying that three times!) that helps flexibility, strength and elasticity. All of these ingredients make it incredibly beneficial, stimulating and overall a brilliant formula that actually works. Below is the photo after I finished using Priori, and on the right is after 4 weeks of M2Beaute Lash Serum.

In order for the Serum to work properly you have to ensure that your eyes are clean before using it, you can do this with M2Facial’s Oil Free Eye Make-Up Remover*. I wouldn’t say it’s the best eye makeup remover I’ve used as it does sting if you get a tiny bit in your eye, and it does cause a mess before taking the makeup away. However, it really doesn’t have a oil texture like normal eye makeup removers, instead it’s kind of soapy/creamy. The pads come in packs of 7 for €8.50 or £7. The set also contains M2Tools Eyelash Comb* which is perfect for anything and everything you would need an eyelashes comb for. A professional and sleek design that I haven’t seen before, helps to really divide the lashes ensuring that they keep their thickness and length. I definitely think everyone needs one of these in their life, and they’re only €19.50 or £16.

The lovely people at Flipside PR have given me another set to give away to one lucky winner! The giveaway will be UK only (apologies again but I am paying for the postage myself) and will end at the same time as my four big giveaways for my Fabulous First Birthday celebration on the 31st at Midnight. To gain entries to win this amazing set worth over £120 all you have to do is follow and like M2Beaute, Flipside PR and myself!