Luxury Favourites, with Ahava Facemasks, Lanolips, and Partylite Candles

You know when you need one of ‘those’ nights? The kind of nights where you head to the bathroom, light every candle you own, stick on a facemask and don’t come out for a couple hours. The kind of nights where you use the most luxurious moisturiser and soak yourself in it, head to toe before popping on some pyjamas, climbing into bed and having the best sleep ever. Well, this little selection of 3 brands are amazing for just that.
Following the launch of the official Ahava Ebay store, I was asked if I’d like to try anything out from them, and after taking a peek at the store the facemasks really stood out to me. I’m forever in facemasks, and working from home means that I have them during the day, as well as nighttime too! The Purifying Mud Mask at £21 is definitely my favourite by far, I really am partial to a mud mask and this is heavenly. Mud cleanses, purifies and as it does dry when you leave it on for a while, I find it helps with my oily skin, whilst at the same time jojoba oil and vitamin E help to soften my skin. You’re only meant to leave this one of for 3 minutes and use around 1-2 times a week, I probably leave it on for an hour and use it once a week, but I like to overindulge.
The Hydration Cream Mask at £22 was definitely a little different for me, often with oily skin and using products for oily skin, I can actually dry my skin out and it flakes. It’s weird and makes no sense, I know. But on days like this, I have been using this incredible creamy facemask to hydrate my skin and nourish it. With shea butter you feel instantly pampered the second it’s on your skin and it really does leave you with an incredibly healthy glow when washed away. Again this is a mask to be used for 3-5 minutes, once or twice a week. If you do have drier skin though, I would leave this on for much longer as it’s utterly heavenly.
Finally, the Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask at £33 which at 20, I’m not really going to see many results from. It’s a firming mask to help tighten up wrinkles and fine lines, which I do not have. Apparently it can also help tighten pores up and you just have to use it for 10 minutes at a time. Not only does it contain tightening ingredients but it also has oils to give the skin a youthful glow. All Ahava products are natural, SLS/SLES free, more suited for sensitive skin, not tested on animals and paraben free. I’ve absolutely loved all the masks I’ve tried from this brand so far and they’re definitely one to look out for!
Partylite are my new favourite candle company. They offer a range of different fragrances and candles to brighten up people’s home but they’re also a party plan business. This means that people can attend or host their own parties and share our candles and product range with their friends and family, or if that doesn’t float your boat, you can simply order our products online.
Partylite candles
I received two different products, the Glolite Geranium Cintronella candle, which glows from top to bottle when lit and smells so beautifully fresh and relaxing. I love the effect this has in a dark bathroom to really give it a sense of relaxation, something a little magical and comforting. At just £21.50, they’re around the same price for luxury candles and definitely are luxurious. I also tried out the Forbidden Fruits 15 piece Tealight Sample which now comes with a little Tealight Holder for just £9.95! These smell absolutely incredible, they’re so strongly fragranced and beautiful colours too. I love using several at once to get really strong, exotic smells, some which come across as citrus as orange or deeper like blackcurrant.
When I eventually come out of my manmade luxury cave in the bathroom, I’ve been caking myself in Lovely Lanolin™ Triple Buttermilk Body Balm for Very Dry Skin at £13.99. I love super thick, luxurious and overly moisturising creams and this is exactly that. I have real problems after shaving my legs as they become so itchy and irritated that often I have to cover myself in cream, put on some bottoms and wait for them to calm down before I can get it out of my mind. This cream, calms them down instantly with fresh butter, lanolin, milk extracts and vitamin E. It’s said to leave a ‘silky protection’ layer for ‘lasting hydration’ and that is definitely the case. I must admit, I thought Lanolips only did lip products, but after checking out their range, I want it all.
Lanolips bodycare
Last, I’ve also been using the Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Golden Ointment at £7.99 for parts that are seriously dry, irritated or in need of some TLC. Having a stressful couple of months (life) means that I’ve suddenly started being one of those people that get cold sores when they’re run down. So now, I’m using this to ensure that my lips stay hydrated and you really only need the tiniest little bit as it goes a long way. It’s a little sticky and has manuka honey in it, but it can be used pretty much everywhere, even to tame eyebrows! Definitely a handbag essential.
This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated. For more details, read my disclaimer here.
  • How gorgeous are your photos eh?? 🙂

    I love the look of the golden ointment, especially as a handy little saviour to carry in my bag with me 🙂 ! xx

  • That ointment sounds amazing!

    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

  • These sound so luxurious and lovely! I really need to treat myself to a night like this – I will definitely have to check these out. – Tasha

  • Love the sound of the hydrating mask. The radiance one sounded good, but I’m not at the firming wrinkle stage either yet. KBxx