Luxury Christmas Gift Guide for Women with Clayspray, Estee Lauder and More!

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide
The thought of talking about Christmas before Halloween is even over makes me want to go and hide under my covers, but as I did say this guide would be out weeks ago, I can only put it off for so long. It doesn’t mean I’m done with Halloween, there’s still another 3 looks to go, plus the one that I’m thinking of creating for my own Halloween gathering with my family. So, Christmas….it’s really not long away now, but are any of you feeling prepared? I feel like I’m really good at present buying and I never struggle so I think this Christmas will be a breeze and hopefully with the amount of Christmas Guides I have planned, hopefully you’ll feel the same way too.
Clayspray Try Me Kit, Luxury Christmas Gift Guide
This guide is definitely more for those who like luxurious and indulging gifts, but not all of them come with the price tag. My first recommendation actually does come with a slightly pricier tag, but if you look after them properly and have a loved one you’re buying for that LOVES pampers, this is the gift.
Clayspray Try Me Kit has been one of the face mask kits that have really blown away my expectations and exceeded. I try A LOT of face masks, in my Lush days I’d use an entire pot of face mask in one go, so I know my stuff. Clay masks on my oily skin are always my favourites, I love the slightly drying, tightening, and softening effect of them after they’re washed off and I do find that they’re the funnest to apply. This kit contains 3 different masks, white clay, red clay and white clay and ginseng, all in spray bottles with a bottle of natural spring water, a headband and facial towel too. It’s a complete set to ensure you have plenty of pampers (as a little goes a really long way), whilst potentially trying something new.
Balance Me, The Ultimate Wash & Lotion, Luxury Christmas Gift Guide
I can’t be the only one that likes to buy the House gifts? I seem to be doing it more and more lately and just picking up little things for the house to spruce things up and now I have this new Balance Me, The Ultimate Wash & Lotion sat proudly in my bathroom. It honestly spells so fruity and zesty, a tad Christmassy but more in that exciting kind of scent rather than something smoother. We are forever buying fancy hand lotions and hand washes, so having this on a Christmas Guide to me, sounds like a pretty good idea. Splurge a little more than the usual £1 buy and walk away from your bathroom smelling amazing this Winter.
Luxury Christmas Gift Guide
Paul Mitchell Color Care Protect Daily Shampoo & Colour Care Protect Daily Conditioner
Luxury necessities are always on my Christmas list and I really think that they’re such a great buy for others, simply as, we don’t always love splashing out on things that we actually need. The Paul Mitchell Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner are well welcomed additions to any bathroom of people who colour their hair. With moisturiser properties as well as UV protection, that’s enough to make most people buy, but when it means you can dye your hair less, that’s even more tempting.
£10.95 Shampoo & £13.75 Conditioner from Paul Mitchell
Luxury Christmas Gift GuideLuxury Pendant from Lauryn Rose, Luxury Christmas Gift Guide
Luxury Pendant from Lauryn Rose
Jewellery is fast becoming my favourite kind of gift to buy and receive. I love having those special pieces that you always wear and I’m really loving Lauryn Rose for stylish, unusual pieces that are also rather affordable. This beautiful necklace is one of my top picks from their website which I have gifted to my Mum for her birthday! I’ve talked about them a few times on my blog now, but there’s just so many things on their website that I need in my life. I cannot recommend them enough for a really beautiful statement piece of jewellery that sparkles the night away.
Lauryn Rose
Luxury Christmas Gift Guide


This bath and shower set is absolute luxury. As soon as it arrived, Alfie and I were so excited to get it open and try them all out. It contains 5 oils which are all good for different things:
Fire – Zest: For vitality and clarity, which is a perfect tonic for lethargy, jet-lag, and mind-fatigue with basil, rosemary, sweet orange and ylang ylang.
Earth – Balance: For helping to restore the centre of the mind with mandarin, Lime and cedar wood.
Wood – Rejuvenation: for rejuvenating mind and body, boosting the immune system and helping with aches. This contains lemongrass, nutmeg and rosemary.
Water- Soothe: for stress and to help gain a good night’s sleep with chamomile, lavender and vetiver.
Metal – Detox: Help clear a sluggish mind, body and circulation with grapefruit, rosemary and geranium.
Luxury Christmas Gift Guide
Luxury Christmas Gift Guide


One of the hottest perfumes around lately is definitely Modern Muse. Inspired by the Modern Woman it’s a perfume that makes you feel confident and creative whenever you wear it. I’ve really flown through my bottle as I love wearing it whilst I work for extra motivation, and the feeling of being sassy. With top notes of mandarin, and base notes of amber wood, musk and vanilla, it’s one of those really fun but sophisticated smelling perfumes.
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